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I heard that long wearing a headset will hurt hearing?

Many children like to wear headphones to listen to songs, this is really a good way to learn a relaxing body and mind. But if the use of improper headphones, will be very likely to cause hearing damage and other serious problems. Therefore, parents should guide their children to use the correct headphones, so as to avoid more serious consequences. Here, Xiaobian to science about how to use the headset health 1. Use headphones volume <75% long time to use large volume to listen to headphones, not only damage hearing, beats solo headphones life will be shortened. Experts suggest that the use of headphones in noisy environments when the volume of 75% to 80%, the ears can adapt to the larger volume, the environment is not too noisy, the volume control in 50% to 60%.

2. Ear cushion material leather quality is better leather in the comfort, permeability of the more advantages, velvet material is also very soft, and because there are covered with fluff, with a certain sweat function. Now some of the ear is the leather surface after the brushed handle, the softness is very good.

3. The use of headset headset is covered in the ears, the contact area, the sound in addition to air through the spread, but also through the skull spread, so hear the same volume in the case of the tympanic membrane pressure It will be relatively small, the stimulation of cochlear cilia cells will be relatively small.

In the same environmental conditions, flat head earplugs sound in 5 to 8 decibels, headset sound insulation at 15 decibels, ear earplugs in 20 dB. In the noisy public places, to achieve the same listening volume, ear earplugs because the sound insulation is better, so the volume is also small, help to protect the hearing. 4. noisy environment is more suitable for ear earphones 5. headphones how to use health 1. Do not use the headphones for a long time, listen to music 1 to 2 hours to rest for a while, give the ears enough rest time. 2. In-ear earplugs try not to share with others, headphones ear pads should pay attention to clean, choose comfortable and durable ear pads.