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How to reduce the headphones to hurt the ears

1, buy high quality headphones

Buy headphones may wish to pick out the external noise can prevent the headphones to reduce the noise due to environmental noise and increase the volume of Walkman. Headset is best to choose the first type of wear, it is less than earbud headphones on hearing damage. Because the earbuds headphones directly plug in the external auditory canal, the sound is not the source, are toward the tympanic membrane in the past, the sound was all received by the tympanic membrane, the damage to the hearing more.

2, to reduce the time to listen to music

Listen to the music time is generally not more than an hour a day, after listening to a period of time to remove the headset, gently rubbing, relax ears. Do not wear headphones to sleep, or ears in people after falling asleep also continue to accept the stimulus, unknowingly villi cells and damaged a lot. Listen to music, do not listen to two ears, should rotate around, and do not hold too tight.

3, the noise environment with a protective earplugs

Often in the cheap beats by dr dre noise environment to work, life, entertainment, are an important reason for hearing impairment. Such as at the airport, construction site work, the noise intensity of these environments is very large. Often in this high noise environment, it is best to take some protective measures, such as wearing a protective earplugs, can effectively block a part of the noise, to protect hearing. If you can not find the earplugs, with cheap beats headphones cotton balls, paper balls into the ears, but also have a protective effect.

4, as cheap beats headphones far as possible in a quiet environment to listen to music

Because the quiet environment of several headphones output sound is almost the same, once the external environment becomes noisy, the output of the headset will be subject to varying degrees of interference.