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How to improve the headset beats headphones on sale low frequency physical tuning gradually become mainstream

Now beats earphones people buy headphones have not satisfied with the basic functional needs of the headset, began to more and more pursuit of headphones sound quality. Young friends most people like to listen to pop music, and pop music for beats headphones the low-frequency headset requirements are relatively high.

Can be the current market, the quality of 100 yuan headphones is difficult to distinguish between good and bad, most people can only be based on the price to do discrimination, and low-frequency show good effect of the headset will be on the thousand dollars, I believe this price so many love music Amateur people discouraged.

Today, here to share with you a few practical methods, so that your headset to enhance low-frequency show beats headphones cheap force

Replace the ear beats by dr dre plugs Advantages: easy to accept the shortcomings: the headset sound beats by dre sale quality is not too much change, the beats by dre studio need to repeatedly adjust the ear plug sets of the main role is to increase the headset wearing comfort and firmness, tuning is only secondary role. But some of the ear jackets or can play a certain tuning effect, commonly used memory foam sponge and Colombian sets. Most of beats by dre wireless the cheap headphones do not have any sound-absorbing damping materials, which led cheap beats headphones to the seriousness of the sound of these headphones, low-frequency performance naturally highlighted, mainly because the sound waves are limited to our head and ear shell between the Closed cavity, there is resonance phenomenon. Mentioned earlier for the ear plug sets, increase the mechanical damping for the sound changes have a certain degree of uncertainty, after what effect is not sure, need to test their ears. And can change the filter / filter is very clear, use bass filter / filter will be beats by dre cheap able to strengthen the low frequency sound.

Headset replaceable wire was originally a high-end headset unique properties. But in recent years beats by dre on sale beats earbuds to see some hundred headphones also have this feature. Because a lot of headphones are the cause of the wire, so the headset can replace the wire design can also play a good role in maintaining the headset. It beats by dre cheap is undeniable to choose a comfortable strong, high-fidelity wire will indeed have a great improvement in your sound quality. But the current headset wire market price opaque, uneven quality and so on, and difficult to quantify the quality of good cheap beats by dre or bad, in this to advise you rationally, to improve anti-cheating consciousness. What is the meaning of burning headphones? Simply speaking is to let the headset after a period of time to choose the music player, to achieve the best playback of a method. A cheap beats new headset diaphragm edge is relatively tight, beats solo flexible and comfortable small, beats by dre and the process of burning headphones is slowly let the edge of cheap beats by dr dre the headset activities to open, to achieve the best sound.

Physical tuning headset is simple in terms of its structure by adjusting the stomata, you can just headphones can easily improve the headset low-frequency effects, usually low frequency and balanced audio two stalls.