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How to choose a sports Bluetooth headset

Modern people almost leave the body, the use of mobile phones to listen to music is the easiest way, do not have to take another device, but the choice of headphones, always people troubled. The traditional wired headset is always limited, and stored in the pocket or sports backpack out, like last year's Christmas lights as difficult to unlock. When moving, the wires hanging along your ears, in addition to interfering with you, sometimes accidentally hooked, but also make you hurt, may be outside the ear torn, may be down the servant street. Remove these annoying wires, in order to let you concentrate on the exercise, no longer have to solve the mess of the wire! And sweat through the line into the phone headset hole, it is mobile phone killer!

How to choose a suitable wireless headset for sports?

Sound quality - since the music to the premise, the sound quality is very important, in addition to live audition, the previous more homework, but also can reduce a lot of unnecessary time. It is recommended to search for some of the sound quality of God's man out of the box or refer to the FrequencyResponse frequency response data on the headset. In general, the human ear can be heard in the range of 20Hz-20,000Hz, beyond the beats earphones scope of the sound, 'most' people can not hear, but may be able to feel. But some people are more special, you can hear more than this range, be a specific ear

In addition, the battery life is also a focus, which is the early wireless headset can not be popular for a reason, now Bluetooth 4.0 specifications, has been able to save a lot of power, so that wireless headset life increased. Wireless headphones in addition to listening to music, but also used to answer the phone, so the microphone anti-noise technology is also need to pay attention!

Wear on the comfort - the number of each person's ear shape is somewhat different, so comfort is difficult to learn from other people's experience. Try to find a variety of sizes of the beats headphones cheap style, it is easier to find suitable.

In addition, is the weight, light, small, stable design, long time to wear will not discomfort, if easy to fall, not suitable for sports.

Wireless headset in the beats earphones way of wearing also need to provide security. The safest design is "ear-style", or "cross-ear" design. In addition, in the outer ear bowl, if you add a fixed fin, you can effectively reduce the shaking, so that the headset is not easy to throw off. Angled ear earplugs that can block foreign noise and support the ear canal, providing better comfort. But also because it is relatively quiet, while increasing the use of risk. Select the wireless headset, you should take into account your use of environmental needs, and security as the highest guiding principle.

Durability - most wireless Bluetooth headsets can be sweat-resistant, but used cheap beats headphones to run, but also the best waterproof. Waterproof wireless headphones can be washed directly with water, keep him clean, and can be used in the rain, and even when you are engaged in water activities such as canoe, do not worry.

Dust and drop is also very important, after all, exercise, the environment is very complex, like some cross-country activities, always can not avoid dust problems