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How to buy for their own headphones?

Buy for their own headphones, earplugs, audio tips is to buy more to listen. If the life of the headphones in this life, but three or five, do not talk about what is appropriate, and make do with the line, it will not give you to run the tune to go. As beats by dr dre for others (I) recommended to see if you really want to see the poisoning, friends have the best borrowed to listen to, it is impossible to go to the store to listen to. Do beats by dre studio not use the physical store sound source, with their own mobile phone to listen to their often listen to the song as well. In the end appropriate inappropriate, like a pair of shoes, I wear this size is appropriate, you do not necessarily wear into the big or may also wear feet, listening to the concept of Well. My own life, but also toss a lot of earplugs headphones, take a lot of detours. On the show here to pick a few of my own real use of the talk, the picture is all their own before the shoot, not those online Pa Pa to the beautiful map, but consciously than those who have heard their ears and even in kind Have not seen the recommendation is still a bit different. The advantages and disadvantages of the next talk, all my personal feelings, I may think that the shortcomings of others seems to be the advantage, and vice versa, in short, is beats by dre wireless a listening concept orientation. Toss so long down, my personal listening view bias in the high-frequency, low-frequency requirements to have beats headphones texture, but the amount can not be too large

HIFI this thing, each have a good, different people, we really is not really good, their right to listen to the right, is the right. I always feel that earphones are not conventional digital audio products, they are musical instruments. To find a hand called the instrument, listen to more use, naturally know what they like do not like anything, and then in accordance with their own needs to buy their own instruments. I hope my answer to the subject and the spectators have a little help, if so wish, then the purpose is achieved.