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How the headset wire works

Some of the veteran enthusiasts have practical experience in different equipment to match the different wire, know the sound of different fever wire is not the same. In the eyes of the new fever who will feel how the magic of these wires or how these veteran enthusiasts have a pair of impeccable golden ears.

Fever headset wire is really amazing?

Many people can not explain why the power cord will make a vital change to the sound. In fact, as long as the understanding of the principle of wire changes in the sound will be clearly aware of the mystery of which.

First of all, the signal line and the speaker line or the role of the headset line beats by dre cheap we may have in the practical application of the understanding, but the role of the power cord for the recognition of the few people. We all know that conduction of DC current and AC current and the complex audio signal is not the same, the DC current and relative fixed frequency AC current such as 220v, 50hz frequency and intensity is relatively simple and stable, and the audio signal frequency and strong Weak but is constantly changing! So the use of different wire design and conductor type requirements are not the same.

According to the amperite theorem, we know that there is a magnetic field around the current, the conductor through the current, the surrounding will produce a magnetic field, the resulting magnetic field will introduce the vibration and vibration will be checked with the magnetic field interference current conduction. As discussed on the 52th hardware, coupled with changing frequencies and signals of different strength, it produces more complex magnetic fields and vibrations, and more radiant and vibrating, making the ideal conduction extremely complex The

The second is to understand the impact of the wire itself to the transmission.

The resistance is expressed as the DC resistance through the conductor, the inductance produced by the conductor is a sense of the conductor itself. The distributed capacitance of the insulator package attached to the conductor adheres to the surface of the conductor, which should theoretically be equal to zero, and is practically impossible. More conductors are twisted together to produce capacitors and inductors that exist between these conductors, and when the conductors are treated as a whole, that is, a conductor, it is present in the whole. Shielding layer attached to the conductor, to prevent EMI interference, but it will produce the same capacitance and inductance, such a complex process of conduction, in addition to outside pollution, its own structure and so on the impact is very large.

Then we also need to understand the impact of distributed capacitance and inductance on sound. Amplifier output coupling capacitor size will be directly reflected in the different sound, the previous coupling capacitor needs no sense, is to reduce the impact of the inductor on the sound, the reason is more easy to understand the conductor capacitance inductance on the impact of the sound.

Finally, the skin effect is also taken as a key factor to be taken into account, due to the physical characteristics of the high-frequency signal basically take the conductor surface, low-frequency signal to walk the middle of the conductor, then high and low frequency signal transmission is not uniform, resulting in the impact of sound.

Many brand-name manufacturers are trying to make these values ??as low as possible, different wire manufacturers in order to restrain the impact of transmission and other unfavorable factors, developed a lot of ways, but these methods include a total of three:

The first is to use a better and more suitable conductor for efficient transmission.

The second is to strengthen the insulation material and shield the structure to eliminate the impact of all external factors, which manufacturers are aware of its key, so it is very important.

The third is the unique structure of the conductor can offset a part of the magnetic field vibration and skin effect, the typical is the treasure and music ribbon.