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How is the headset tuned?

Headset from design to manufacturing is the material, electrical, ergonomic, auditory psychology and other disciplines of the integration, is the individual engineers once and again the calculation of optimization, is the cooperation of various raw material manufacturers. The tuner sounds like beats earphones an ear to eat, in fact, called the engineer is better, and certainly not a person, is a group of people, their own components in the conditions allowed to do the best range of specific products. In the case of material has been decided, the thickness and shape of the diaphragm determines the number of secondary harmful vibration, that is, the size of the distortion, but also determines the vibration damping beats by dre on sale size, that is easy to drive or not. The thicker the damping of the diaphragm is, the harder the damping is, and the pattern on the diaphragm is used to suppress the vibrations of the diaphragm material. The larger the diaphragm size, the better the low frequency response, whereas the high frequency distortion is small. Diaphragm sticks on the bracket, the way of bonding will also affect the diaphragm vibration, such as straw hat along the direct bonding, or there are folding ring inside the ring structure. The coil is responsible for promoting the diaphragm, if the diaphragm of the damping, the coil will be strong, but the coil will be the corresponding weight will be large, do not forget the coil is sticky on the diaphragm, the greater the greater the inertia will be greater. Permanent magnet to be strong, and now are rubidium boron magnetic, and later there will be stronger, as well as the structure of the magnet should be carefully constructed, related to the magnetic circuit performance, can not waste magnetic force. The above three components constitute the unit, the unit's sensitivity and the frequency of the impedance of a linear decision whether the headset is easy to work in the ideal state is not easy to sound a good sound. Unit to get, look at beats earbuds the cavity, there is a cavity there is resonance, ideally, of course, is not the best, but in fact impossible, then put the harmful resonance into a favorable, to be enhanced in a band? Is the diaphragm vibrating need to be suppressed? Even beats by dre studio the coil needs to heat, can make a fuss in the cavity. Usually in the design phase will be repeated with finite element simulation to verify all of the above. The material of the earmuffs determines the degree of comfort fit, the head beam determines the ear pressure, the ear pressure on the ear after the formation of the cavity will have an impact on the sound, consider when the unit and the ear canal between how much space left All right.