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How does the headphone diaphragm material affect the sound quality?

The headset is one of the very frequently used portable devices that we usually use, and a good headset not only allows you to enjoy high sound quality and listen to richer details, but also keep our hearing from those bad headphones. Of the dynamic ring headphones, there are many factors that affect the quality of the speaker unit, and diaphragm is the speaker unit can have a good quality of one of the key components of the so-called diaphragm is a sensitive component for the magnetic field changes, when the power Signal through the coil when the magnetic field changes, resulting in deformation of the diaphragm due to electrical changes quickly, resulting in high-speed vibration diaphragm, and then through the vibration of the diaphragm to the air, resulting in sound waves in this process, The quality of the diaphragm determines the overall quality of the headset.

There are many kinds of diaphragm, there are paper diaphragm, wood diaphragm, plastic diaphragm, metal diaphragm, biological diaphragm, etc., generally in the headset, the diaphragm design requirements are lighter, the better the rigidity of Well, this diaphragm can completely convert the kinetic energy of the coil into sound, and for the current market, most of the moving headphones, the use of the basic are plastic diaphragm, even those priced at thousands of headphones (Including: PET / PEN / PEI / PI / LCP / PEEK / PC / PPS / PAR, etc.), and the specific to each of the plastic diaphragm is the use of plastic diaphragm. When they are compounded, their physical properties are different, and their commonality is that they have high plasticity, easy processing, low cost, but poor rigidity. If better rigidity is required, it is necessary to increase the thickness of the diaphragm. This type of diaphragm because of its small internal resistance, poor rigidity, easily lead to distortion, it is difficult to truly restore the original sound.But due to cost advantages, most of the headphones will use plastic diaphragm.

The author recently received four different materials of plastic diaphragm, respectively, polyarylate (PAR) diaphragm, polyethylene dicarboxylate (PEN) diaphragm, polyether ether ketone (PEEK) diaphragm and poly Etherimide (PEI) diaphragm, the above four are commonly used plastic earphone diaphragm material and speaker speakers, in order to improve the bass of the rigidity, diaphragm above the spiral groove, this design has Is used in the speaker of the subwoofer on the plastic material of the diaphragm is very thin, so it is easy to drive. Whether in the headset or speaker, the diaphragm is the ideal vibration state, the voice coil to start the diaphragm to start immediately when the sound Circle no audio current flow through the stop moving, the diaphragm should immediately stop.

However, compared with other diaphragm material, the plastic diaphragm is relatively poor rigidity, plastic material weak stiffness caused by high-speed micro-action (high-frequency work), the voice coil issued by the kinetic energy can not be fully and consistent to the whole Diaphragm, although it has a good damping, but after all, has been unable to make a good piston movement, so the relative increase in distortion in the sense of hearing there will be a clear solution is not good and dynamic problems, IF to IF is also easy There is slow, poor convergence of the phenomenon

Then we say that we are not too understanding of the biological diaphragm, bio-diaphragm name sounds a bit mysterious, it is a kind of bacterial cellulose, is a metabolite of acetic acid bacteria, this fiber is a nano-fiber , After drying the diaphragm can have much higher than the general synthetic fiber rigidity, for the diaphragm can have a good high-frequency extension and analysis, and this material vibration transmission speed is very high, for the reduction of high frequency distortion Of course, bio-diaphragm is also a general concept, such as wool diaphragm, silk diaphragm, paper diaphragm and so on are bio-diaphragm, because they are made of natural biological fiber, but in the performance The author has heard of high-frequency extension and resolution are good wool diaphragm headphones, but the high frequency or to hear the distortion, but this kind of diaphragm has a great advantage is the quality is very light, good toughness , Made of headphones are generally very good push.

As the main role of the diaphragm is the vibration, the dynamic performance of the vibration is one of the elasticity, the other is the inertia of the stiffness of the diaphragm, the elastic performance of a linear diaphragm vibration dynamic must be better, you can reasonably restore / playback sound Signal, the performance of the audio will be balanced, while the light weight of the diaphragm, the movement of inertia must be relatively small, so the clarity of the sound / detail will beats by dre wireless be very good part of the use of biological materials designed out of the diaphragm is relatively light, Light diaphragm is conducive to the improvement of clarity and high-frequency reduction, the sound performance will be better as a consumer of course we can not believe, the most effective way to listen to more than one, Only by listening and contrasting can we find what is really good voice, everyone 's preferences and requirements are different, ear status is also a very elegant factor, so only listen, only know which headset you are suitable for.