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Hifi headset to buy wire or non-wire beats headphones on sale control beats by dre sale good?

Many shoppers in the purchase of headphones, have encountered such a problem: the same hifi headphones, in the end is selected with a wire or not with a wire control? Want to go out with the phone songs, but also take into account the call function , Afraid of the headset with a wire really like many people said that the compatibility is not good sound quality. In fact, do not have to choose, you will know after reading. Most people buy with headphones, the most important purpose is to match the use of mobile phones, both listening to music and call. And for the pursuit of the ultimate sound of the old burning, the general are directly with the front, so they seem to have wireless control function is not important. In terms of sound quality, with a headset inside the wire will be more than a control of the line, so when the power will form a crosstalk, affecting the electromagnetic field conversion and induction. But with the improvement of headset production technology, this effect is minimal, so the impact on the cheap beats by dre sound quality is very small, in general, simply can not feel. Especially the headset manufacturers, for the headset tuning are very strict. Whether it is with a headset or not with a headset headphones, in the production before the tuning will be a separate tuning test production will be sold.

So, for the purchase of HIFI headphones, we can rest assured that do not entangled in the impact of wire. Can be based on their actual use needs to choose. The use of audio equipment, the old burn, almost no choice of headphones with wire, in addition to no role, but will feel redundant; cheap beats headphones but often go out for the burning friends and like to use the headset to answer the phone music lovers, Control of the headset is appropriate, and the other usually with a headset with a remote version of the system is usually more expensive.