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Headset wire talk - material decision line sound?

First declare the content is only personal point of view. The article discusses the technical and material relationships of the line. Not a high standard of technical paste. beats by dre cheap Some may not be complete. After all, personal knowledge is limited. Welcome to a lot of discussion, but also welcomed the different views can give advice. Wire talk - material decision line sound? Weekdays often have the Friends of the exchange and consultation with the wire thing, but there will often be a problem. For example, I suggest that a Shaoyou system with a silver line is more suitable, the friend immediately said: silver, will not be too thin, too hard sound of the. Copper should be more suitable for me. There are burning friends that will not be too warm with the copper, and my system is not enough explanation, with copper will be worse. Just put forward with the proposal, who burn friends even this line is heard what sound did not hear immediately directly denied. Then the line of material to determine the sound of the line yet? In my own experience, the material used by the line will affect the sound of the line, but the final sound performance and style will be the same as the material used, this is not absolute, silver line, of course, the physical advantages of silver, copper Have the advantage of copper. But the impact of a line of sound and style of the trend is not only this point, there are lines of resistance, line inductance, line capacitance and many other factors exist. The general popular understanding is cheap beats headphones that the silver line in the interpretation of high frequency extension on the more prominent, low frequency and texture is quite poor. The opposite of copper, it is a good sound texture, warm, full and solid, high performance in the relatively poor. But sometimes the use of silver conductor to do the line, the final sound may be warmer than the copper wire, and another brand is also used silver material and treat the harsh and ugly, I have heard a big brand of copper In the high-frequency extension and gorgeous degree is almost better than the silver line to the better. So that the material used by the line does not represent the final sound of the sound effect.

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