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Headset water how to do? Do not lose it!

Life will inevitably be accidental, such as the phone out of the water, the headset out of the water, the phone must be a lot of people know how to deal with water, then headset water how to do it? Can not use it? In general, the headset after the first water, of course, is to dry, whether through the sun drying or hair dryer dry. When the headset water is dry, you can connect the phone or computer to try to use it. If the sound quality has no effect, of course, can continue to use. But if the damage caused by the sound quality or headphones can no longer hear the sound, it is recommended not to use. On the headset after the change in water, we can first understand the principle of its sound, that is, tympanic membrane vibration. Second, the headset after the sound into the small or damage to the sound quality of the reasons, mainly because the water sticks in the tympanic membrane above the deformation of the tympanic membrane, affecting the tympanic vibration frequency and vibration of other parameters. Headset water treatment approach:

1. First, you can try to remove the water in the headset, the main method of drying, cold air dry, facing the head of the three holes behind the hard blow and so on.

2. Then, the shape of the tympanic membrane to restore as ever. The specific method is, in the case of little water in the headset, first clean the front of the headset metal film position, and then cover the front of the headphones head, first with the headphones exhale, do not leak, will hear the voice of piapia, and then The headphones inhale, do not leak, will hear the voice of piapia, after a few back and forth, the shape of the ear canal tympanic membrane will cheap beats by dre be restored, but do not blow and wash when too much force. Finally complete a breathing or blowing, so that the tympanic membrane to a direction to start.

Bluetooth headset water how to do?

method one:

Hair dryer method: This method can be said to be the most direct violence, because the Bluetooth headset head small, of course, if the water situation is also serious, the use of hair dryer directly on the machine blowing, usually after a period of beats by dre wireless time can be repaired, but need to control the temperature.

Method Two:

Placement method: drain the headphones after the water with a vacuum belt to put the earphone put into the rice tank, so placed a few days is also possible.

Method 3:

Maintenance method: This method will lose the risk of warranty, it is recommended that users after the use of the warranty, directly open with hot air drying, of course, need to pay attention to the hot air temperature and loss of components.

Headset daily maintenance methods:

1. Headset plug is very fragile, headphones can not be used a lot of time because the plug connection line is broken.

2. beats headphones cheap Do not over-plug the plug, because the over-wear of the plug will also affect the sound quality.

3. After using the headset, the earphone cord is stored from the beginning of earplugs, leaving a little line, but do not pull.

4. Before use, turn off the small volume. If your output device volume is too large, not only the ear of the ear, the light shock film fold. The head of the voice coil burned.

5. Headphones away from strong magnetic. Unit magnet magnetism will decline, over time the sensitivity will drop!

6. headphones away from the wet. The headphone unit will be on the rust, resistance increases, your headphones will be biased