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Headset use should pay attention to the following 11 points

1. Headphones need to stay away from the magnetic field, otherwise the unit magnet magnetism will decline, over time the sensitivity will drop.

2. Make sure the headset is clean and do not allow the unit part to come into excessive dust.

3. Headphones need to stay away from the wet, otherwise the headphone unit of the pad will rust, resistance increases, resulting in headphones partial sound.

4. Before use must be off the small sound source equipment volume, or light the earthquake rupture of membranes, heavy headphones to the voice coil burned.

5. Gilded plugs help to reduce the impedance, excessive wear and tear will lead to changes in sound quality.

6. Use the headset after the headset line sweat and so wipe, or easy to cause wire aging, and finally lead to beats by dre cheap slit, broken.

7. headphones can not withstand the beat and sudden high-altitude stretch, so that the headset voice coil, shock film and wire damage and so great.

8. In the course of the use of headphones should try to avoid pulling, weight and other man-made damage.

9. Take care not to fold line, but with a certain degree of curvature of the line, to avoid the wire break.

10. headphones are personal items, it is best not to use the exchange, after use must be clean and clean, earplugs should pay attention.

11. winter cold weather, wire is relatively hard, crisp, excessive beats solo bending is easy beats by dr dre cheap beats headphones to break the wire, so try not to use in the outdoors