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Headset to buy the whole Raiders, this is a good headset!

Recall the era of beats by dre on sale functional machines, when you open a new mobile phone packaging, you can find a lot of accessories from the box - batteries, spare batteries, headphones, data lines and even cloth rub. But now, the most extreme case you may only from the box to find a lonely mobile phone, beats by dre studio beats solo other accessories? In-ear headphones have better sound insulation, especially in the noisy surroundings, and earphones are slightly interfered with. But in-ear headphones also have shortcomings, a few people will have obvious wear discomfort. Dynamic ring headphones wide range, low-frequency part of the advantages, more suitable for the interpretation of classical music and large compilation of music; moving iron headphones on the music signal to follow the performance of good, high-frequency interpretation of the effect is relatively better, more suitable for pop and rock The And the circle of iron headset to their respective advantages, combined performance is relatively good, but the price you understand. If the headset external wire is used TPE noodle line design, its biggest advantage is to prevent winding. As for the wire inside the copper content of the higher conductivity, the greater the distortion. The purity of oxygen-free copper is even higher distortion, small still feel ordinary users choose oxygen-free copper wire to the wide. Wire is a very important function of the headset, increase or decrease the volume pause start these operations can be resolved through the headset. Buy attention while headset compatibility.

In fact, the reference value of the headset parameters is not so big, want to determine whether beats by dre on sale a specific headphones sounds comfortable, the best way is to try to listen to the next judge. The definition of a good headset brand plus points Yan point burst listen to listen to the sense of technology is very cattle Hi-Fi did not say