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Headset sound depends on what is good or bad

Frequency response: refers to the performance of the earphone frequency range, the general value is 20-20000Hz (bass - treble), 12-39000Hz means that this headset can show more audio details, the sound "more real" some, 30-17000Hz Means that the details of the audio section below 30Hz headphones can not distinguish, but the bass effect is "heavy" has weight, treble similar. Impedance: The impedance of this large headphone is 300 ohms, and the impedance of a Walkman headphone is only 16 ohms; the greater the impedance, the greater the output power of the sound source, the smaller the output power of the Walkman device, and therefore only for low impedance Of the headphones, or to push the headphones sounded. Of course, there is no doubt that the higher the impedance of the beats earbuds headset with the output power of the sound source sound effect is quite good. Total harmonic distortion: that the headset sound quality is cheap beats by dre smooth, clear, the degree of fidelity, the above headphones "less than or equal to 0.1%" indicator is quite good, the general headset is about 0.7%, the smaller the value of the better The Sound pressure level: also known as "sensitivity", the higher the value, the same sound source output power, the greater the sound; Walkman headphones than the listening level of higher sensitivity, 110db or so, so for the Walkman headphones The bigger the value the better.

The other important issue is the length of the line, in the purchase to fully estimate the length of their own, if you intend to always put the long-term, MP3 hanging in the beats headphones neck or on the coat pocket, then determined to pick short-term it, and if you want to put the machine on the bag or pants pocket, we have to choose long lines.