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Headset pricing secrets - resolution, and its relationship with other HiFi properties

You may often encounter someone else's life evaluation of a headset sound quality sucks, and there are many others that listen to thousands of pieces of headphones sound and dozens of pieces of no difference, why there will be such a big difference, we will be in this Series of articles one by one to answer. What is the resolution of the sound? Analytical power is intuitive to say that the clarity of the sound and the details of the amount of information on the performance of the ability to contact the knowledge of the computer know that the screen has a resolution say, such as beats by dre "1280x800" and "1440x900", this indicator relates to the clarity of the screen Problem, in the field of photography we use the total pixel to summarize this indicator, such as 700 million and 13 million of the camera; for audio equipment, there is a similar argument, we call it called resolution or resolution, but there is no clear Quantitative indicators to measure, can only rely on the human ear to subjective evaluation.

Why the resolution of a large extent determine the headset pricing? The resolution of the headphone unit is mainly related to the material, thickness and coil technology of the diaphragm, and the technical requirements are very high. It is a large proportion of the investment in the R & D investment, which directly determines the unit's R & D and production cost. So the sales price of headphones will be affected by this part of the great impact of research and development costs. How do we know the effect of resolving power on the hearing of the human ear is comprehensive, including the sound floor cleanliness, overtone performance, sound saturation, sound knot shape clarity, sound texture and so on. Analysis of high equipment with a word to sum up, that is, "do not lose information on the details of the music analysis."

The higher the resolution, the better the headset? Why high-end headphones are mostly high impedance? Although the resolution can bring a lot of benefits, but the high resolution will also bring a headache problem - distortion. This is why high-end headphones are more likely to use high-impedance solutions, because simply by increasing the sensitivity of the unit diaphragm on the current and lift the resolution will cause serious distortion, beats by dre cheap so usually low-impedance headset resolution will not be set too high, because the front ( Power amplifier circuit) limited control, strong analytical power will bring greater dynamic distortion (to achieve the same loudness of the low frequency of the beats by dre wireless energy required is high frequency required several times). The role of high-impedance system is to achieve high resolution in the case of as much as possible to reduce the dynamic distortion, thus ensuring the overall balance of the playback effect; and custom ear ear plugs are multi-unit frequency of the idea to control this dynamic distortion, But the divider will produce other distortions that will affect the tone.