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Headset noise and noise What is the difference

Some headphones have a noise reduction design, claiming to be able to use electronic noise reduction, especially for continuous low frequency noise. However, these models of noise reduction circuit requires power, some models in the absence of battery will not only lose noise reduction function, and can not continue to listen to music, so users need to pay attention.

Some of the in-ear models claim to have a soundproof design, and the cushions of the headphones are pressed against the earholes to isolate many low to high frequency noise, thus reducing external noise. Users must understand the noise reduction and noise reduction methods of noise, respectively, noise reduction is active, requires power and circuit, sound cheap beats by dr dre insulation is only earplugs sponge or pad, no need to use the battery or charge.

Headset accessories

Many of the larger headset models are equipped with large or small headset conversion plug to match the home audio combination, miniature or portable audio equipment headphone jack; compact headset models are for portable and other portable equipment, only with small plug.

In-ear style earphones are generally attached to beats by dre different sizes of soft sets, with different users ear size. Some models also have a cabin seat plug, easy to take the plane to listen to music.

Try to use a comfortable and comfortable headset

If you can try before you buy, you should try to wear, try to turn the body or move the head and neck test headphones will easily shift or fall, if the headset is not designed or do not match with the ear can affect the comfort when wearing degree. The headset is usually equipped with a headband close to the ear, not easy to walk, usually wrapped in soft leather or thick sponge to wear more comfortable, but the user should also pay attention to the beats by dre studio weather is hot and hot, soft leather and sponge may bring hot Of the feeling, and the material cheap beats is more susceptible to mold moisture, so after use should be properly collected.