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Headset maintenance of small knowledge of the plug

In fact, the plug can be said that our daily life among the most easily overlooked place, because many people do not know the headset plug actually has a lot of knowledge in beats headphones the inside, the headset plug not only play the role of connection, and plug the surface also Plated with a layer of metal, a lot of expensive headphones will choose gold to plating their own plug, to cheap beats headphones play a very good role in reducing the impedance. Friends in the daily life of the plug for the neglect of the plug may cheap beats soon cause damage to the plug, like a number of plugs may wear off the plug surface coating, this time may be on the headset sound quality irreparable damage. So friends should try to reduce the number of plug plug, to better protect the plug on the coating.

Friends in the daily use of the headset when you do not know beats by dre is not encountered a single headphones out of the problem, it is probably because friends in the plug when the pull wire by hand and the resulting solder joint caused by loose of. In fact, the headset wire and plug part of the connection although there is a layer of rubber to be fixed, but it is still very fragile, friends in the plug when the plug must pay attention to hand holding the plug and then plug, to avoid this Happening. The plug should try to avoid contact with too wet or in the case of large temperature difference between the use of the above small knowledge there are introduced, this situation will accelerate the oxidation of the plug, if the plug in the plug quickly plug, it may cause plug Poor contact, etc., so that the service life of the plug greatly reduced.