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Headset maintenance had to know something

Before we introduce your specific conservation methods to our friends, let's talk about the most basic attempts for headphones to keep their friends in the daily life. You can understand the basic attempts of these headphones to better protect your headphones. The volume of the headset must be controlled, it can be said that the use of headphones users most likely to make mistakes, because many users like the headset to the maximum volume, so that while listening to more fun, but the greatest damage to the ears, But also for the diaphragm caused by a certain damage, serious cases will be the voice coil burned, resulting in inevitable losses. Away from the strong magnetic field and humid environment, which is the use of headphones when the most basic knowledge, strong magnetic field on the sensitivity of the headset will cause some damage to the sound quality of the headset can not be cheap beats by dr dre ignored damage. The humid environment will make the headset unit on the rust, the headphones will appear serious bias, so this cheap beats headphones point friends should pay attention. Headset wire friends must pay attention to protection, like the usual sweat after the sweat to the headset line wipe, otherwise the headset will cause some damage to the wire, and when using the headset as far as possible away from the fireworks, whether it is Burned wire or ear shell this loss is absolutely can not make up.

Winter when the protection of wire and headphones is more important, because the winter temperature is low, this lower temperature will make the headset wire becomes more fragile, do not pay attention to this situation will appear, if outside After using the headset into the warm room into the room, this change in temperature will cause the headset wire and the aging of the unit. Sleep with a headset really hurt, because friends fall asleep in the case of unconscious or turn over or move, this time if you wear headphones, wire will cause a certain winding or crush the ear shell, etc. Headset is broken, if you hurt yourself to be worth the candle, so even if friends are used to sleep when listening to soothing music, but before going to sleep must be the headset to win, cheap beats this one must remember. Other things such as headphones do not easily open the problem we do not here with friends introduced one by one, in fact, friends in the understanding of these common sense after a little attention can let our headphones to accompany us more time. So these simple use of common sense friends must know.