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Headset enthusiasts and the sound of the two things

Headset enthusiasts in addition to the choice of headphones ingenuity, the choice of the source is not sloppy. Speaking of sound sources, headset enthusiasts usually think of two things: the music format, music player. Today to talk about the first one, of course, can enter the headset enthusiasts eyes, must be lossless music.

Even if you are not a headset enthusiast, you should also know the current very popular vocabulary: lossless audio format. Many people are not very clear in the form of lossless. In fact, the main difference is to understand the MP3 player in the music file format, the current music file playback format is divided into lossy compression and lossless compression two. The use of different formats of music files, the performance of the sound quality is very different.

Lossy compression

To make sure that lossless compression, first of all from the loss of compression began. Ordinary music lovers friends are most exposed to the loss of compressed music. Common to the MP3, WMA, OGG is known as lossy compression, loss of compression As the name suggests is to reduce the audio sampling frequency and bit rate, the output of the audio file will be smaller than the original file. undamaged music

Another audio compression is called lossless compression, can be 100% of the original file to save all the data under the premise of the audio file volume compression smaller, and the compressed audio files after the restoration, to achieve with the source file The same size, the same rate. Lossless compression formats are APE, FLAC, WAV, WavPack, LPAC, WMALossless, AppleLossless, TTA, Tak, TAC, La, OptimFROG, Shorten, and the common, mainstream lossless compression formats are currently APE, FLAC, TTA, TAK, WAV The APE

APE is one of the popular digital music file formats. APE is a lossless compression audio technology, that is, when you cheap beats beats headphones cheap by dr beats earphones dre will read from the audio CD audio data files compressed into APE format, you can also restore the APE format files, and restore the audio files and compression Before the same, without any loss. APE file size is about half of the CD, but with the popularity of broadband, APE format has been loved by many music lovers, especially for those who want to transfer audio CD through the network friends, APE can help them save a lot of resources The


FLAC is a lossless audio compression code, is one of the most common lossless music format. FLAC is a well-known free audio compression encoding, which is characterized by lossless compression. Unlike other lossy compression encodings like MP3 and AAC, it does not destroy any of the original audio information, so you can restore the music disc sound quality. Since 2012 it has been supported by many software and hardware audio products. FLAC and MP3 are similar, but is lossless compression, that is, audio compression in the FLAC way will not lose any information. This compression is similar to Zip, but beats headphones FLAC will give you a greater compression ratio because FLAC is a compression method designed specifically for audio features, and you can use the player to play FLAC compressed files as if you were playing The same as the MP3 file.


WAV format is Microsoft developed a sound file format, also known as the waveform sound file, is the first digital audio format, Windows platform and its application is widely supported.