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Headset basics

Sound first to: sound quality

Sound quality refers to the quality of the sound, and many people confuse it with the "sound". What is the quality of sound? When you say a pair of shoes when the quality is good. You must be fit, comfortable, durable, rather than the beats headphones on sale shape of its good looks good, not fashionable. Similarly, when you say that a sound device sound quality is good, bad, you are not talking about its level of how, if possible, but specifically refers to this device "intolerable"! It is like beats by dre studio resistance to wear, not fit the same. A good sound quality equipment, it is out of the performance is comfortable, Naiting. You do not have to go to explore it sounds comfortable, the reason for hearing, it is the experts, you just use beats by dr dre your ears to judge on the line. Some equipment vigorous, fast speed, resolution is also strong, but not durable to listen to, it may be the sound quality of the problem. A good sound equipment, the sound quality should be like a good voice, people do not hear a hundred tired. Maybe I say that you still think it is very abstract. In fact, I can explain again and again. When you mention the fabric, beats headphones you will say: The material is very good. When you eat steak, you will say: this steak is very good meat. When you praise a child, you will say that the child is well qualified. So, when you listen to a piece of audio equipment or an instrument, you will say: its sound quality is beautiful. From these examples, you can clearly know that "quality" is innate nature. Sound quality noble, very good, beautiful on behalf of the nature of this device is very good, it makes people sound very comfortable. I can say that sound quality is the most important part of the audio equipment, so I put it in the first to be.

Sound second to: sound

Voice is the color of the sound. In English, the sound quality (TONE QUALITY) and the sound (TIMBRE or TONE COLOR) at a glance that its meaning is not the same thing. But in beats by dre on sale Chinese, sound quality and sound are often mixed, misuse. We often hear: this violin sound really cold, this violin sound really warm and so on, this means that the sound of the violin in terms of. The sound is like a light, there is color, but it is not seen with the eyes, but to hear the ears. Often, the warmer the sound is, the harder the sound is. Too soft or too hard, of course not very good. Sometimes, the sound can also be used "noble", "beauty" and other words to describe, basically it is one of the nature. but,

Like fabric in general, cloth is its material, cloth color is its color, which during which there is a clear line. In the audio equipment reviews, the sound is like a color in general, it refers to its unique color. Some of the equipment color yellow, some partial white, some cold side, and even you can say it is a little worry about the blue sky. In short, the audio equipment, such as musical instruments in general, almost can beats by dre studio not get away from the more expensive sound the more the truth. A two million dollars of the violin of the sound may be beautiful with golden luster; and a five thousand yuan of the violin its sound may be like a faded painting. Although everyone has a different view, the "beauty" still has a "consensus" that everyone admits, and you can not say that it is "the embodiment of beauty". The same can not say that a cold blue sound is beautiful. This is our consensus on the beauty of the sound.

Sound third to: high, medium and low frequency of the distribution and control of the amount of force

This project is easy to understand, but it is also easy to produce misinterpretation of the text. How to say? Everyone will say: This is too loud for the trumpet, bass too little. This is the high, medium and low frequency of the sense of distribution. The problem is that if the bandwidth from 20Hz to 20KHz only three points to the points, then it will inevitably produce "not accurate" confusion. In the end your bass is there? How low is it? In order to make the description of the text more accurate, it is necessary to 20Hz-20kHz bandwidth to be broken down. According to the United States TAS and Stereophile points is very simple, they are high, medium and low each subdivision of three short, that is, into a "lower frequency, intermediate frequency, higher frequency" sub-law. This method is like the average beats earbuds law of twelve general, quite regular.

Very low frequency

From 20Hz-40Hz this octave I call very low frequency. There are very few instruments in this band, probably only bass, bass Bassoon, soil number, organ, piano and other instruments to achieve such a low range. Because this very low frequency is not the most beautiful range of musical beats beats by dre sale by dre cheap instruments, so the composers rarely write notes so low. Unless the pop music is deliberately arranged with an electronic synthesizer, the beats solo very low frequency is of little use for the audio fans. Some people mistakenly believe in one thing, saying that although the pitch of the instrument is not so low, the overtone can be as low as the cheap beats by dre pitch. In fact, beats by dre this is not correct, because the instrument is the tone of the sound of the lowest sound, the sound will only twice, three times, four times, five times the climb up, and there will be no sound down. This is like you will be a string taut, the full length of the chord vibration frequency is the pitch, one-half, one-third, one quarter, one-fifth of the chord vibration is overtone. The addition of pitch and overtone is the sound of the instrument. In other words, the violin and the flute even if the pitch (pitch) the same, the sound will have different performance.

Low frequency

From 40Hz-80Hz this frequency is called low frequency. What is the instrument in this band? Drums, violin, cello, bass Bassoon, Basong tube, bass extension number, bass clarinet, soil number, the French number and so on. This cheap beats by dr dre band is composed of deep low-frequency base of the great hero. Often, most people will think of this band is very low frequency, because it sounds really very low. If the frequency of this band is too small, the feeling of Fengrong surging must not; and will lead to high-frequency, high-frequency prominent, making the sound loss of balance, not durable to listen.

In the low frequency

From 80Hz to 160Hz, I called the low frequency. This band is the most troublesome stage of Taiwanese music fans, because it is the culprit of the ears. Why is this band particularly prone to peak? This is related to the length, width and size of the small room. Most of the people in order to remove this annoying peak, effort to absorb the band, so that the ears will not be bang. Unfortunately, when your ears do not sound like a bounce, the lower side of the low frequency and the top of the IF I am afraid that with the absorption of low frequency and was depressed state, and make the sound thinner, lack of a sense of richness. Even more unfortunate that most people think that this is true because of the disappearance of the peak. This is the reason why many people do not have enough sound at home

one. The instruments in this band include the instruments mentioned earlier in the low frequency band. Yes, the timpani and the bass are added.

IF from 160Hz to 1280Hz across three octaves (320Hz, 640Hz, 1280Hz) between the frequencies I call IF. This band almost all the instruments, vocals are included, so it is the most important band. The biggest misunderstanding of the instrument's range is also happening here. For example, the violin's large range is in this band, but most people mistakenly think it is high; do not think that the soprano range is high, in general, her highest range is only in the upper limit of cheap beats the frequency only. From the above description, you must also understand how important this frequency is in audio. As long as this frequency of depression, the performance of the sound immediately lost. Sometimes this thinness is easily interpreted as "fake cohesion". I believe that there are a lot of audio fans are in the case of medium frequency depression and not know. The importance of this band can also be analyzed from the crossover points of the two-tone speakers. General two tone road speaker frequency points are mostly in 2500Hz or 3000Hz or so, that is, more than 2500Hz by the treble monomer is responsible for, 2500Hz below by the bass monomer is responsible. This 2500Hz is about twice the 1280Hz, that is, in order to fear the bass in the middle of the extreme limit of the frequency of life is too large, the designers all the frequency points to the upper limit of the frequency of two times, so One, the most perfect frequency can be beats headphones cheap issued by the bass monomer. If this argument is correct, what is the use of treble cells? If you have the ear close to the tweeter, you hear a "hissing" sound, that is, most of the overtone. If there is no treble monomer hissing sound, with a single subwoofer to sing music, it must be dull. Of course, if it is a three-way design of the speaker, the majority of this band will be included in the midrange monomer.

High frequency

From 1280Hz-2560Hz called high frequency. What is the instrument in this band? The violin is about a quarter of the higher range here, the violin's upper limit, flute, clarinet, oboe's treble field, Piccolo half of the lower range, cymbals, triangular iron and so on. Note that the small speakers are not in this band. In fact, the high frequency is easy to identify, as long as the string group of high range and the high frequency of the tube are high frequency Many people in this band will be mistaken for high frequency, so cheap beats headphones please pay special attention.

high frequency

From 2560Hz-5120Hz this frequency domain, I call it high frequency. This frequency domain has little chance of being involved in instrumental performance. Because in addition to the upper limit of the violin, piano, Piccolo high range, the rest of the musical instruments are mostly not in this band. From the horn crossover point, we can find that all the frequency bands appear in the tweeter. As I said earlier, when you put your ears near the tweeter, you beats earphones are not hearing the sound of the instrument, but a hissing sound. From the performance of the treble monomer, you can once again prove that the treble monomer is rarely issued with the instrument or the pitch of the human voice, it is only the pitch of the high power overtones.

Very high frequency

From 5120Hz-20000Hz so wide band, I call it very high frequency. You can from the high frequency has been very few instruments appear in the fact that the very high frequency to accommodate the full range of musical instruments and vocals. The general instrument of the overtone is the higher the energy the smaller the smaller, in other words, the beats by dre wireless treble monomer to be very sensitive to be able to clear the regeneration of very subtle sound. From here, there has been a troubled speaker monomer manufacturing thing, that is how to the best of both worlds? What is the "two" Have you ever wondered if a loudspeaker would be able to push the diaphragm in order to clearly reproduce all the subwoofer, desperately designed into a very small current, and that the same high-frequency and intermediate frequency It is likely to be in a state of distortion, because the energy of these two bands is much higher than the very high frequency. This is currently on the market many speakers very high frequency is very clear, but easy to be one of the reasons for the harsh.