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Headphones no sound how to solve

Most people play the computer stage will give their computer to connect a beats by dre wireless speaker, so whether it is listening to music or watching movies, the effect is quite good, but in the process of linking we will find that sometimes the headset no sound, large Most people are quite familiar with this situation, but it is too much trouble to deal with, most people in dealing with this problem most of the way is to use some of the more old methods, to test. Through the link to some other playback equipment to see the bottom is not the problem out of the speaker, there are some moments of this problem are due to external signal interference generated, we assume that there are particularly many devices to pass the signal, especially multi-speaker There will be no sound headphones, usually we just put the speaker device principle of some signal launch equipment on it, there is a situation in the process of linking is not complete, there are special speakers of the plug will be quite do not meet beats by dre on sale the specifications.

?This time we assume that can not be carefully linked, then there will be loosening of the situation, assuming a long time will lead to the occurrence of this situation, headphones no sound on some desktop computers often appear, most cases of notebook computers rarely There is such a situation, there is a reason there is a particularly multi-desktop computer configuration, they are in the configuration process are using the assembly mode, the operation beats by dre sale of a special multi-sound card or other computer accessories, are some Small brand, put together in the stage will inevitably appear some do not meet, so the direct table speakers on the abnormal sound, when we have such a computer stage of the situation, beats by dre wireless in most cases is not too concerned about, as long as no effect Normal work on it.