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Headphones buy common sense of large delivery

Play the sound of people know that in the supporting sound system, the role of the speaker is important, because it is the largest distortion in the entire playback process, it is not easy to choose a good speaker. The same reason, as a Walkman "speaker": headphones, also play an important role, good headphones on the Walkman sound reproduction and its expressiveness is absolutely memorable. The following headphones to buy common sense from the network, as ready to buy Ye Hao, charge the charge Ye Hao, worth a visit.

1, the type of headset headset according to its conversion method, mainly moving coil, static and other magnetic. From the structure of open, semi-open and closed. From the wear in the form of earbuds, hanging ear and head wear. Electrostatic type:

2, the difference between put and closed headphones Open headphones shell is open, open headphones light weight, natural sound, no pressure. Because it is open, the sound leak, outside the noise will enter. Semi-open headphones means that the opening of the headset is selective, that is, only for some frequencies open to other frequencies are closed, or in a certain direction is open in the other direction is closed. Closed headphones are closed, to prevent external sound into the sound leakage is very small, in the professional use of a lot of monitoring. The sound is generally very clear, rich in detail, low frequency response is very good, for most people, closed headphones wearing a sense of tight. The same time as the above-

3, what is high-fidelity headphones? The frequency response is not less than 50Hz to 12500Hz; the permissible error of the typical frequency response is 3dB; the slope of the frequency response curve does not exceed 9dB per octave; at 250Hz-800Hz, the frequency of the frequency response curve is not less than 50Hz to 12500Hz; Within the same octave band within the same average sound pressure level difference of not more than 2dB; 100Hz-5000Hz range, the sound pressure level of 94dB, the harmonic distortion of not more than 1%, 100db when not more than 3%; headphones The frequency response is allowed to fall between 2KHz and 5KHz to improve transparency and space.

4, what is the frequency range of the headset? Frequency response range refers to the headset can send out the width of the band, excellent headphone frequency response width of up to 5Hz-40000Hz, while the human ear hearing range only 20Hz-20000Hz. It is worth noting that the criteria for defining the frequency response width are different, for example, at a standard of less than 1/2 of the average output amplitude or less than 1/4. This is obviously not the same. The average manufacturer is based on the output amplitude reduced by 1/2 as the standard frequency response width, which means that -3dB as the standard, but because of the different test standards used, some products are measured at -10dB as the standard. Which is actually equal to less than the normal value of 1/16 under standard measurements. So the width of the frequency greatly broadened. Users should pay attention to the purchase of different brands of headphones frequency response width may have different test standards. The same time as the above-

5, what is the impedance of the headset? The impedance of the headset is the abbreviation of its AC impedance, its size is the coil DC resistance and coil inductance and the sum. Some professional headphones impedance above 200, which is to match the professional machine headphone jack. In the desktop or amplifier, VCD, DVD, TV and other useful headphone output on the machine, the general use of high-impedance headphones more appropriate. If you use low-impedance headphones, be sure to first adjust the volume and then plug in the headset, and then a little bit of the tune up to prevent headphones overload the headset burnout or deformation of the voice coil caused by broken sound. Low impedance headphones are generally easier to push. So portable and other portable, power-saving machines should choose low-impedance headphones, but also pay attention to high sensitivity, the sensitivity of the Walkman is more important. The same time as the above-

6, what is the distortion of the headset? Harmonic distortion is a waveform distortion, marked in the headset indicators, the smaller the distortion, the better the sound quality.

7, what is the sensitivity of the headset? Popular speaking, the sensitivity of the headset refers to the same loudness in the case, the need to enter the size of the power, the higher the required sensitivity of the smaller input power. This is for portable music and other portable devices, the sensitivity is a very worthy of attention to the indicators. Of course, for the desktop, beats by dre wireless this indicator is relatively less important. The same time as the above-

8, wire for the impact of headphones sound. The impact of wire on the sound is an indisputable fact. In the HI-FI system in different signal lines, speaker lines are significantly changed the characteristics of the sound, headphones, of course, no exception, in recent years launched a number of foreign wire, for the HD580 and 600 wire to provide the conditions, the famous wire Such as the Swedish Clou and the United States of the Cada time. The same time as the above-

9, under what circumstances to give headphones with power amplifier? To the headset with the following three options: First, the use of the source, such as CD / DVD player does not have a dedicated headphone jack, then you can with a headphone amplifier, CD / DVD player from the audio line output (LINE OUT ) With two signal lines connected to the amplifier's audio input jack can be. The second case is, low sensitivity, high impedance headphones, with the existing audio source, such as Walkman does not move, then have to buy headphone amplifier. The third case is the high-end beats by dre headphones, with the existing headset jack push these headphones can not play the potential of the headset, add a headphone amplifier can make the sound quality further enhance, in this case, we should consider buying A high quality headphone amplifier.

10, tube headphone amplifier and transistor headphone amplifier how to buy? Currently on the market of the tube headphone amplifier mostly use the cathode output for the final amplifier, this type of circuit structure should be said to be very reasonable. So most manufacturers use. But this circuit output impedance is high, can only adapt to 200,300 Europe or more high-impedance headphones, and the higher the higher the higher the distortion the smaller. Transceiver headphone amplifier with the final stage of the OTL circuit, the impedance requirements are not strict, and the lower the impedance, the greater the output current, the greater the power. So the transistor amplifier high, medium and low resistance to take, but to push the low-impedance headphones better. The same time as the above-

11, the sound characteristics of the headphones We may be more than to listen to the headset to eat more familiar, then we talk about from the meal. Sichuan flavor spicy, Cantonese taste light, fresh, Shanxi people are hi acid. What are the best flavors of these three flavors? I am afraid that different people have different claims. Headset features the same. European headphones such as Bayern, Sennheiser, AKG, roughly sound similar, real, clear, light water. American headphones such as Gauss, Alice, Goethe, then people feel the voice of passion, humane, vibrant. Japanese headphones have oriental aesthetic characteristics, the voice of the United States, the sound warm, high and low frequency extension is good, some people describe the voice like LS / 35a, what music do you like, what headphones, you are young or middle-aged, what character, , You decide, from the sound characteristics of the above three types of only the characteristics of no merits. The same time as the above-

12, how to burn headphones Many people find headphones need to burn some time to be more pleasant to listen. I agree with that, the only difference is that some people advocate with a large volume to mad pot. This is not right. In fact, burning headphones and cars running is a reason, slowly running will make the mechanical part (vibration part of the equivalent of mechanical parts) to get the best run, crazy pot on the headset is not good, The voice coil may be deformed. So slow fire only slow taste, I think do not have to go to burn, as long as the use is burning machine. At the beginning of listening, the best choice of some of the music, senior enthusiasts Mr. Lee in an article on the selection of string quartet or vocals, do not use big dynamic or electronic music album. I think I agree very much. The same time as the above-

13, headphones and healthy health is the most important thing in life. With the headphones to enjoy music, cultivate sentiment relief soothing mood, mind and body to get rest, good health is also conducive to the surrounding human environment and the improvement of civilization, so that the family harmony, harmonious relationship. But if the use of improper headphones will also cause some adverse effects. First of all, the size of the volume is appropriate, there have been experts in the text that listen to the volume of the violin should be the volume of the real violin similar to listen to the human voice should be the size of the real life. Some enthusiasts find the sound of some of the details of the music can listen to more fully, the music is more motivating people's spirit, but in too much volume for a long time to listen to headphones easy to make people tired, and long-term large volume of stimulation will affect the hearing , Especially low frequency and more popular music and rock music. Earphones and headphones should pay attention to the volume of the problem. Especially in the noise of the environment to listen to music should choose to close the earplugs or special sound ear plugs to isolate the noise from the outside, or in a noisy environment to listen to music unconsciously adjust the volume, so that unknowingly caused The damage to the headset. Just as two people in the speed of the train next to the conversation, the speaker will not consciously pull a big voice, and listeners still feel loud enough. However, it is reported that the United States of America sound special ear plugs with earplugs and ear canal full contact to reduce noise leakage into the ear canal, listeners can reduce the volume of earplugs to listen to, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the eardrum. In the choice of music, melody, chord beautiful music and classical music is more conducive to health, young people like to listen to pop music, which is related to their age characteristics, it is not improper, but should pay due attention to the volume and listening time, Time should not be too much. The middle-aged and elderly people should choose classical music or folk music, as well as some other beautiful melody folk music, which for the elderly in the health and rehabilitation of a variety of diseases have a very good supporting role. The same time as the above-

14, pay attention to the use of headphones power. At present the headset rarely marked the use of power parameters, which is a little less. In fact the headset and the beats by dr dre same as the bulb, but also to withstand the difference between the size of the power, 110 volts connected to the 220 volts will burn the lamp, the headset is the same. Users should pay attention to beats by dre sale the adaptation of the headset, due to the Walkman battery power constraints, Walkman output power is generally only a few milliwatts, so adapt to the Walkman headset sensitivity is very high, while its power capacity It is relatively low. This type of headphones If you use on a desktop CD player or use on the computer must be very careful, the volume is too large will make the headset coil and diaphragm changes, causing ring or burn. The same time as the above-

15, according to different purposes to choose a different headset. Speaking of headphones above the power problem is to choose one of the aspects of headphones, for example, because the Walkman with headphones, must have a high sensitivity, low impedance characteristics, of course, the sound is even better