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For two consecutive hours wearing headphones hearing injury can not be restored you believe it?

A "listen to headphones 2 hours, hearing injury can not be restored," the news that: "The experiment proved that the use of headphones to connect the phone to listen to music, talk phone, chase TV drama, continuous 1 hour hearing significantly decreased, even listen to 2 hours , Experts will remind the people who often wear headphones to listen to music should grasp the "60-60" principle, that is, listening to music, the volume should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume, continuous listening time not more than 60 minutes.

Now young people, including office workers, for the way to listen to music is already accustomed to things, music can cultivate sentiment, can make people feel calm and calm mood. With earphones to listen to music or listen to English learning is now everywhere can be seen, but also everyone love one thing. However, long-term with the headset brought about by the harm how many people pay attention, how many people know?

Headphones with the emergence of mobile phones closer and closer to us, often wearing the opportunity to affect the hearing system. Serious can even cause permanent deafness, when the human ear to hear the volume reaches 85 dB. A longer time can cause hearing loss, when the volume increased to 110 dB or more. Enough to make the human ear hair cells die. Severe cases can also cause irreversible hearing impairment. Headset volume is generally around 84 decibels. Some high frequencies can reach 120 dB. This volume of the ear nerve has a great stimulating effect. A long time will cause hearing loss, and our daily communication language frequency used is not affected. So early often overlooked. Only when the hearing loss, language frequency hearing loss to a certain extent, will appear subjective sense of hearing impairment. Therefore, beats by dre sale the use of headphones to listen to things to the impact of young people, usually after years to be able to show up, so now people generally do not feel its harm. People wearing headphones, the outer ear is almost in a state of occlusion, high volume of audio sound pressure directly into the ear, the central delivery to the thin eardrum. At the same time, the distance between the diaphragm and the eardrum is very close, and the range of sound wave propagation is small and concentrated, and the stimulation of the auditory nerve of the eardrum is relatively large. A long time easy to cause tinnitus, insomnia, headache, ear muffled feeling and progressive hearing loss. Often wearing headphones will also cause some systemic discomfort, such as dizziness brain up, disgust and discomfort. Over time, there is a tendency to focus, slow thinking, memory loss, and even irritability, lack of patience and other abnormal psychological and emotional reactions.