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Five minutes to understand: headset parameters analysis and headset classification of small knowledge

Travel or work on the road, many young people will bring a fashion pull the wind headphones. And sometimes, because often out of beats solo the side, headphones do not wear long will be broken. We should re-purchase when the headset should be concerned about what parameters? How to measure the headset is good or bad 1. Signal to noise ratio In general, the greater the signal to noise ratio, indicating the noise mixed in the signal the smaller, the sound playback sound The higher the quality, otherwise the opposite. The signal-to-noise ratio should not generally be less than 70dB. 2. The higher the sensitivity of the headset sensitivity means that a certain sound pressure level to achieve the required power is small, and now moving coil monitor level headphones are generally more than 90dB beats headphones on sale / mW sensitivity, if it is for the Walkman election headphones, the best sensitivity 100dB / mW or more. 3. Frequency response refers to the performance of the frequency range of the headset, the general value is 20-20000Hz (bass - treble), such as 12-39000Hz means that this headset can show more audio details, the sound "more real" -17000Hz means that the details of the audio section below 30Hz headphones can not distinguish, but the bass effect is "heavy" has weight, treble similar.

4. Total harmonic distortion indicates that the sound quality of the headset is stable, clear, the degree of fidelity, such as a headset marked as "less than or equal to 0.1%" indicator is quite good, the general headset is about 0.7% Little better. 5. beats earphones Connect the high-end Walkman headphones in the wire is very important, different wire on the sound quality of the larger; another important issue is the length of the line, in the purchase to fully estimate the length of their own, if you intend to always The MP3 hanging on the neck or on beats solo the coat pocket, then determined to choose short-term bar, and if you want to put the machine on the bag or pants pocket, they have to choose long lines.