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Fashion good sound quality high value headset recommended

Perhaps for those who do not pursue HIFI friends, their request for the headset may not be very harsh, and sometimes even just simple or nice to see. Of course, high quality and high value has always been the choice of most users, especially now young people will not be dedicated to listening to music and start a set of desktop playback equipment, but only in the phone into the headset, the use of Fragment time to listen to music.

And because of this, people are increasingly concerned about the value of headphones, while the attention to the sound quality is gradually declining. Most of them think that the headset must be good-looking, I believe no one is willing to wear a stupid headset out of the street, and a stylish, avant-garde headset design will let the wearer instantly become the focus of attention. beats by dre cheap When the sound emitted by the headphones in the sound cavity reflection, sound waves superimposed on the diaphragm, will affect the headset to restore a more realistic sound. In order to solve this problem, the headset developed an exclusive balance of the double damping system, which can be in the front and rear two cavities to help disperse the reflected sound, bringing a more pure, thick listening experience. Three-element headset design concept from the ultra-running, earphone shell shell made of aluminum alloy precision metal technology, the unique surface of the hollow design to bring a beats by dre wireless strong sense of muscle silhouette, meaning strong drive; wild mysterious black gold color Reveal the cheap beats by dr dre luxury atmosphere. The use of space metal moving coil unit showing a broad sense of balance, thin ceramic speaker unit brings a wealth of high-frequency details and smooth sense of listening. Three units of iron headphones in the wire also carried out a new upgrade, the main line with a "cloud grain" braided wire, length of 1.25 meters, the internal core to Kevlar tensile fiber wrapped. With strong and tough, more resistant to pull pull, which can effectively extend the life of the headset line. Near the ear-end wire coating material with a soft TPE material, while it can reduce the scratch with the clothes, effectively reduce the "stethoscope effect" to bring the friction sound.

At the same time, the most interesting place is that it is native with a Lightning plug, and the headset also comes with a digital beats by dre decoder chip, in the process of digital audio transmission only encoded transmission and conversion, reducing the audio signal loss ; Compared with the traditional analog technology, distortion, frequency response, dynamic, signal to noise ratio and other indicators should be even better.