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Explore: Bluetooth headset past life

Now, the Bluetooth headset is no longer a rare digital product. To know that a few years ago, the Bluetooth headset is still a lot of people may have heard never heard of the stuff. Thanks to the development beats by dr dre of Bluetooth technology and the popularity of smart phones, in the ever-changing technology era, the convenience of Bluetooth headset has been more and more attention and use. The concept of Bluetooth began to appear in 1998, when the Bluetooth specification used in the band and today's band is different from the transmission speed and the current is quite different. Bluetooth is defined as a short-haul radio connection at the time of birth, which coincides with modern mobile, wireless and easy-to-use scenarios. However, due to the beginning of the Bluetooth standard is not uniform, cost and other issues, for several years has not been developed or even almost died, until the end of 2005 was bottomed out. This is a certain reason, at this stage, mobile entertainment more and more rich, for the transmission of multimedia data, especially mobile phone to mobile phone transmission is particularly important, directly pull the development of Bluetooth technology. Because of this, Bluetooth headset was a greater degree of promotion. A little bit of understanding of Bluetooth technology will know that Bluetooth connectivity relies on the specific work of the various Bluetooth protocols to carry out. Bluetooth in the accelerated development of the trend, the Bluetooth audio transmission protocol A2DP came into being. This agreement gives the Bluetooth headset stereo beats by dre sound, compared to monaural Bluetooth, stereo Bluetooth headset in the sense of hearing is clearly more around, so that the general wired headset stereo effect.

After several generations of development, to the present Bluetooth 4.2, in general, Bluetooth technology is moving toward faster transmission, lower power consumption, higher signal cheap beats by dre to noise ratio higher quality transmission in the direction of the Bluetooth headset for data transmission loss Also getting lower and lower, so that when the song is playing more and more close to the effect of wired headphones. Now, the Bluetooth headset can be divided into two categories: one is the Bluetooth headset, mainly in mono transmission, as a business, driving and other convenient call equipment; the other is a Bluetooth music headset, because the main transmission of different content, this The requirements for the headset will be higher. Compared to wired headphones, the internal structure of the Bluetooth headset is much more complex. In addition to Bluetooth chips, but also need to decode the module circuit board, charge and discharge battery modules, and so on; and the market of Bluetooth music headset will usually integrate wire and microphone call function. The usual practice is to install a part of the cable, like a wired headset, integrated with a wire, microphone, Bluetooth and battery. Of course, this part of the volume will be larger than the wired headset part of the control, so the structure of the headset is a bit slightly outside the Department of raw branches, and no headphones that simple lines of the beautiful sense of the same time, also produced a bilateral unequal weight, running Easy to shake and other new issues. Is there a way to integrate functionality, utility and aesthetics? Of course. In the chip, circuit boards, batteries and other parts of the case can not be reduced, the reference speaker headphones slender body, will be unilateral expansion of the appearance of the basic symmetrical bilateral, left and right to assume different modules function components. The weight of each side is not actually large, it is easy to control to the left and right equal, and to avoid the two ends of the connection line there are cheap beats redundant control keys exist to reach the wear on the balance.

With the development of science and technology, Bluetooth technology has been in all aspects of the traditional wired transmission approach, its advantages are more and more public recognition; Bluetooth headset in the pursuit of high-speed low loss at the same time, also continue to move towards practical development. Technology people-oriented, Bluetooth headset in the future there is much development, it is worth looking forward to.