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Entry ear must be used! In-ear earphones use incomplete manuals

It is undeniable that the attention and popularity of ear earphones are on the rise. Careful friends in the street a little attention will find a large number of users wearing ear earphones, especially in the majority of young people. However, we often hear from these users the mouth of the problem: ear earplugs will damage hearing it? In-ear earbuds wear why not comfortable? Why are there so many attachments to ear earphones? It seems that although the rapid development of the trend but the real people will not use, today I will solve the problem for these users one by one.

Moving iron ear earphones sound principle

Moving iron earplugs, also known as armature or balance armature (BALANCED ARMATURE) earplugs, the conversion principle and moving coil unit is somewhat similar, are by voice coil in the role of permanent magnet driven micro-diaphragm sound, But is different from the moving coil unit diaphragm directly connected to the voice coil, moving iron unit voice coil is wrapped around a known as the "balance armature" precision iron, it is in the magnetic field in the permanent magnet Of the magnetic field to do the vibration, the balance of the armature vibration through a precision structure of the connecting rod to the micro-diaphragm conduction center, and thus sound.

The schematic diagram of the sound of the moving iron unit

As the volume of moving iron unit is very small, so the benefits of this can be done to the ear plug is very small, so as to obtain a higher sensitivity and excellent transient response. The sensitivity of the moving iron unit is significantly higher than the moving coil unit, the main reason is the structure of the moving iron unit is almost a closed container structure, a little bit of the current can drive it, here should pay attention to the relationship between sensitivity and resistance. It is because of the high sensitivity, moving headphone transient performance better, the dynamic performance of music, instantaneous details of the performance, the sound density is far better than the dynamic ring earplugs.

Should move the headset also has a drawback, that is, the frequency response range is very narrow, listen to the feeling may be more delicate and smooth, but both ends of the extension and dynamic level of some powerless; due to high sensitivity of moving beats by dre on sale iron headphones, so the requirements of the sound source Also relatively high, the grade is not high the player is more likely to pass the passive headphones exposed shortcomings.