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Ear headphones wear method

With the rapid development of electronic technology, many of the electronic products has become a necessity in people's daily lives. For many young people, in the workplace when wearing earphones to listen to music, which has become a fashion trend. How about ear earphones? In-ear style earphones, also known as ear canal headphones, ear earplugs, or ear-type listeners, is a headphones used in the human auditory organs, according to its design, will be in use Seal the user's ear canal. Because of its excellent portability, high sound quality sound performance and excellent sound insulation, loved by the vast number of consumers. In-ear style earphones in the ordinary headphones on the basis of the glial plug into the ear canal, get better insulation. Greatly enhance the performance of the headset, this seal generally provides two functions: to reduce the external noise on the music interference. Provides a closed environment, greatly reducing the leakage tone. From a practical point of view is in a noisy environment, you can enjoy the enjoyment of their favorite music.

, Wearing an ear headphones is not simply into the ear canal, the need for beats by dre on sale a suitable method. First of all, the ear sleeve into the ear, a little push into the point, by hand to fully expand the earmuffs, closed ear canal.

2, wearing a left ear headphones, with the right hand to seize the left ear earlobe, drooping earlobe widen the ear canal. Then, gently push the earcuffs into the ear canal with the index finger and stop at the place of sealing.

3, and finally, let go earlobe, ear canal return to the cheap beats by dr dre original, ear headphones will be worn. The same is true of the right ear. Earphones headphones play the sound is very large, you need to adjust the volume smaller, so that the texture of the bass better.

4, at the same time, because the sound better, users easily immersed in their own world. To get the best seal, you need to find the best earmuffs. Most earbuds have different sizes and sizes of earmuffs, such as rubber sleeves and foam sets.

5, first try the medium number of rubber sets, followed by trumpet, and finally use large ear sets. Trumpet rubber sleeve sometimes bring you a more comfortable sense of sealing, if the rubber sleeve is not enough, then choose the bubble set it.

First of all need to be clear that you no matter what kind of headphones, long time, high volume of listening music will damage your hearing, so when using the headset should try to control the time. The advantage of using an in-ear style earphone is that you can keep the volume low because you do not need to increase the volume to counteract the background noise.

This smaller volume means that in a noisy environment, the use of in-ear headphones will be safer than using headphones, non-ear earphones. And do not think that ear headphones close to the eardrum is easy to hurt hearing. Since the use of in-ear headphones is low, it is as safe as at least the same headphones at beats by dre sale the same volume. In addition, the use of in-ear headphones, the best from time to time to remove the headphones so that the air circulation to relax the ear canal, but also to the middle or deep ear canal has a short break.