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Does the long-term use of Bluetooth headphones affect health?

Now, whether it is driving on the way, or usually walk, work, many people like to use the Bluetooth headset, because it is very convenient, and sometimes even listen to music will be used, but the use of Bluetooth headset will affect the health of it? Of course, mainly talk about the issue of radiation; radiation is generally to see its launch power, the general Bluetooth headset launch power of about 1 milliwatt, home wireless router generally 70 mW -100 beats by dre milliwatt or so, and our phone because Base beats earphones station beats by dre wireless signal instability, and sometimes may reach 1000 mW; too low transmission power also led to the use of Bluetooth is only about 10 meters, and penetrating ability is almost no; another Bluetooth headset radiation is electromagnetic radiation, not ionizing radiation, The harm of the human body is very small;

In general, the Bluetooth radiation relative to the phone can be said that radiation is almost no, because the use of Bluetooth headset, the phone can maintain a certain distance with the body, so that the use of Bluetooth headphones indirectly reduce the amount of radiation received by the body;