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Do not worry, the game headset you so choose right!

Headphones are a variety of types of headphones to enjoy

Can be divided into: portable music headphones, music headphones, game headphones, computer headphones, sports headphones, and so on ... ... many consumers will face "professional music headset" "professional game headset" dilemma what is the game headset The Why use the game headset? 1, the sound quality: the game headset is more emphasis on the special rendering capabilities and accurate positioning capabilities. The game is important to hear the details of many games, such as the sound of the enemy's footsteps, the voice of the enemy's own skills, the voice of his own teammates, and the voice of the teammate's voice, the starting point and the music headset is different. 2, appearance: In order to meet the special needs of gamers, the general appearance of the use of large headband, bulky earmuffs, with long enough and thick cable, modeling breakthrough your imagination. 3, the microphone: the obvious difference between the two beats earphones can find the answer on the microphone, the game headset are generally equipped with a microphone, and music headphones in order to achieve good sound quality, generally do not carry beats headphones cheap a microphone, so a second you You can recognize which is the game headset, which is a music headset. In the game headset, we sometimes see this parameter, if the lower limit of the lower limit, the higher the upper limit, indicating that this headset has a broader resolution, the performance of the music can be more rich. But the frequency response range is only a reference coefficient only.

On the game headset, the most critical of a parameter, in fact, is to wear the comfort, and the decision on the one hand, there is an ergonomic appearance, on the other hand is the game headset head and earmuffs used by the material The.

Now the market is now a lot of game headphones are large units as their own product selling point, basically equipped with 50mm units, some small points will be equipped with 40mm, the larger will be equipped with 60mm, but look at the size beats headphones of the unit colleagues , In fact, you can compare the rated power of each headset to go to how much, that way to know how to choose. Finished the unit, said in a game on the headset parameters often appear on the frequency - frequency range, in fact, the word is a simple understanding of the sound in the range of the ability to reproduce, and our ears can hear the range is 20Hz -20kHz, beyond this range we can not hear, low is the case In the material, whether it is the game headset or headset music headset, the vast majority are used leather wrapped sponge design, this design is a bit sponge can greatly slow down the headset and ear pressure, and leather Of the package is for a long time to wear when the ears will not be too hot.

In fact, on the game headset parameters, nothing more than two big points: comfort and sound quality. And in front of the small still think that or comfort priority, after all, how good your sound quality, positioning how strong! beats headphones cheap Surround sound is how the ultimate, comfort is about the whole process of your game experience, if you wear uncomfortable, it is no matter how good sound, it is only a you think of the "hot chicken" game headset. Anyway, if you are just an ordinary gamer, occasionally listen to music, the sound quality is not too much of the request, that a game headset enough to meet! But you say you are a sound quality requirements, it is still looking for some high-end point of the music headset more practical.