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Dare not the same: I listen to the headset of our youth song

Youth is a never singing songs, no matter how much time passed away, that moving melody will beats by dre sale still be accompanied by years of harmony in the ear shallow singing crooning, it is deep drunk. The story of youth never need rehearsal, a group of young people wandering in the streets of dreams, they are full of sweat and tears, and music with the pace of the devil, friction, friction ... ... in that brilliant season, interpretation of a section of their own tricks Years of age, not the same youth! Time, and now I am doing my favorite work, thanks to those years in the campus bench listening to music in a daze, the streets of debauchery, fantasy day ... ... beats by dre wireless now I am very good, and now work on the road I will still Wearing a headset, although in the crowded subway, is able to take me back to that joy, presumptuous campus, dream time. Listening to that once familiar melody, this time the subway has become no longer crowded, as if the window or piece of green lawn, early summer sunshine, beats by dre flowers bloom, running ... ... now your youth needs something to be able to Performance? Large chunks of exaggerated colors Simple, innovative, stylized design? Or on the pitch that will never fade away the passionate feelings? However, whether it is past or now, the young mentality will not change, like not the same, dare to challenge, headphones, music is always advertised youth theme song!

I listen to A headphones, innovative design, dare not beats by dr dre the same, because we have a youthful heart, let us fall in love with different! Perhaps only let the throbbing of youth and music surging blend is our most acceptable form!