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Damage the sound of the 10 bad habits

Habit 1: frequent hard feedback: If you have long and sharp feedback sound, ears feel tingling, which means that the speaker has also been damaged! And if the speaker continues to use after injury, it will make the situation worse.

Habit 2: Incorrect dual power amplifier to push: sub-frequency too low high-pitched magnification is too high. Be sure to check the specifications of the speakers to set the most suitable crossover and dual power amplifier.

Habit 3: The number of speaker systems can not meet the sound pressure level needs or the appropriate coverage: Add speakers to provide additional magnification channels instead of using the same speakers on the higher watts.

Habit 4: try to use the indoor system to meet the needs of outdoor performances: outdoor performances and indoor performances compared to more than 12db audio output, at least 20db to meet their needs.

Habit 5: excessive use of the balance: excellent smiley balance curve for the speaker is evil smile. Keep in mind that equalization beats earphones should be used to cut audio rather than to enhance the signal. Need more treble? Then reduce the bass. Need more bass, then reduce the treble.

Habit 6: Incorrect use of the compressor / limiter: too much compression and limiting the frequency of audio files and compressors.

Habit 7: The lack of loudspeaker space: If your amplifier is not enough (head space is not enough) will produce clipping, which will damage the compressor.

Habit 8: When the speaker overheated instantaneous phenomenon: instantaneous phenomena usually occur when the power off and plug the microphone.

Nine: Before beats by dre studio the signal reaches the active amplifier pre-clipping: This is caused by an incorrect mixer gain distribution or overheating line signal.

Habit 10: continue to use after damage to the loudspeaker: continue to use after the speakers are beats headphones cheap damaged and do not check the crossover points. Let your ears guide. If you enter a beats by dre cheap clear signal can still hear the distortion that is likely to speaker problems.