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Copper or silver from the wire material

On weekdays, there are often friends and friends who communicate with each other, but there is often a problem. For example, I suggest that a Shaoyou system with a silver line is more suitable, the friend immediately said: silver, will not be too thin, too hard sound of the. Copper should be more suitable for me. There are burning friends that will not be too warm with the copper, and my system is not enough explanation, with copper will be worse. Just put forward with the proposal, who burn friends even this line is what sounds have not heard immediately directly denied the. Then the line of materials to determine the sound of the line? In beats by dre on sale my own experience, the material used by the line will affect the sound of the line, but the final sound performance and style will be the beats earphones same as the material used, this is not, silver line, although there are physical advantages of silver, copper The advantages of copper. But the impact of a line of sound and style of the trend is not only this point, there are line resistance, line inductance, line capacitance and many other factors exist. General popular understanding is the silver line in the interpretation of high frequency extension on the more prominent, low frequency and texture is quite poor. And copper on the contrary, it is sound texture is good, warm, full and solid, high performance in the relatively poor. But sometimes the use of silver conductor to do the line, the final out of the sound may be warmer than the copper, and another brand is also used silver material and treat the harsh and ugly, I have heard a leader of the copper Line in the high-frequency extension and gorgeous degree is almost better than the silver line to the better. So that the material used by the line does not mean that the line out of the final sound effect.

Such as a simple fish, chef master can cook a delicacies, but if I cook, then the food is far away I was at most to cook it cooked. It is estimated that we are not good to eat at all. The same is a fish, what for the seasoning, how much salt, when the pot, but I totally do not understand. Blind boil a natural also difficult to subtle. But you have to find a third-rate cook that do not pull out the fish, I see or go outside to buy their own porridge to drink the actual point. We all know the basic AUDIONOTE aristocratic and silver color of these two lines, are also based on the use of sterling silver materials, but made out of the line sound style cut very different, AN warm, rich sense of music, Through meticulous What's the reason? In the beats by dre beats solo cheap AN is the use of multi-stranded filament silver, increased the line capacitance and inductance, and silver color is the use of large diameter single silver, and added gold. While the line capacitance and inductance is relatively small. There are many other different factors. So it will create their final voice of the difference. The use of a material to do the line, the sound or with the characteristics of the material or that with this taste. Such as the use of copper material to do the line will always come out of the voice with a unique taste of copper, to do is completely not that simple thing. Or the above mentioned two lines, no matter what the manufacturers use different technology, with silver material to do the sound there is always a trace of gorgeous and meticulous.

My dear friends for a line or machine, you have not heard or did not understand the case, please do not deny or criticize others. There are times when things are not the result of your course. Should be inclusive and tolerant attitude to accept all the things, try to listen to the study, after you understand and understand the decision is not suitable for your request. And then make a selection and removal. So that you may learn more you can not think of the experience, understand that you did not know the technology before.