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Conductive deafness Hearing "headphones"

General hearing aids are all worn on the ears and may not work for some deaf cheap beats by dre patients. The 'headset' described here is bite in the mouth, through the teeth wide ("bone conduction" way) to listen to, it can make some patients to hear the sound again.

Production principle

Acoustic waves through the external auditory canal spread to the tympanic membrane, listen to the small bone, to stimulate the auditory receptors within the cochlea, the conduction path called "air guide." Another wave of vibration can also be through the head of the bones such as (such as mastoid, teeth) vibration conduction to the inner ear, stimulate the auditory sensor, that is, "bone guide." Some beats headphones patients with conductive deafness can not "air guide" way to hear the sound, but through the "bone guide" approach

Hear the sound. Here introduced the "headset" is based on this principle from the system made. "Headphones" into the hearing aid headphone jack, the sound current through the magnetic field in the coil into mechanical vibration, the "headphones" bite in the mouth, you can "bone guide" way to hear the sound. Connect "headphones" to radio and so on, and enjoy music.

Production Method

With ordinary 8 ear plug machine ring magnet and small speakers within the cylindrical magnet were made of two "headphones." Figure 1 (a) is made of circular magnets "headphones", the coil with 0.07mm enameled wire directly around the screw, the beats by dre sale two pads of a round plastic sheet, the number of coils according to the size of the circular magnet to fill the full size. "Headphones" handle with a wooden handle (or hard plastic handle), screw into the water handle, do not be too tight, too tight will make the volume down.

Is a cylindrical magnet made of "headphones", the coil around the "headset" handle a little smaller diameter of the place, about lcm, enameled wire diameter 0.1mm, close cheap beats to four layers, cylindrical magnet on the top, outside the cover To the appropriate plastic casing, from the fixed role can also be fixed with tape.

Two "headphones" of the lead-out are common headphones lead wire, the end of the headset plug, and hearing aids headphone jack match.