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Comfortable cost-effective to hear the classic flat head ear plugs

As one of the most classic designs, flat head earplugs have occupied most of the users. But because the ear ear plug because of better sound insulation, more suitable for noisy environment, so flat head plug gradually fade out beats solo of the market. In the two ways to wear, the flat head of the way to wear loose is not comparable to the ear. So, although now a lot of head and ears less, but there are still many friends in the flat head earplugs. The classic design has become a gold court, because from the beginning of the design reflects a unique taste. For example, Forrest Gump in the Forrest Gump shoes, cheap beats headphones even today in the street to see a man wearing a carapace, it will not feel out of touch with contemporary aesthetics, which may be the classic design of the charm of it Diamond cutting precision metal sound, a knife shape, with a stable structure, can effectively reduce the cavity resonant sound quality of the adverse effects, to ensure excellent bass expressive force. Through a large number of external ear model data calculation and large-scale user wear beats headphones on sale test, designed for more suitable for Asian ear ear size ear, follow the ergonomic ear ear ear design.

Shape angular, smooth and smooth lines, very modern aesthetic style. Cool elegant black and stylish white optional. In the back of the ear shell, beautiful shape, the shape of the runway out of the hole is not only effective to enhance the sense of low-frequency, but also for the product to add another exquisite charm. 15mm high-performance NdFeB unit, with a new research and development of 6 micron ultra-thin diaphragm, beats by dre on sale dynamic full, sound is very transparent, natural, analytical aspects of fiber cents is completed, the overall performance of the sound far beyond the same price of the original phone earplugs products. The application of a light but very strong high-quality materials, not only greatly reduces the weight of the headset itself, while wearing is also very comfortable. The angle and size of the fuselage have been carefully ergonomic design, even in the headset and the human body contact surface treatment also made a special optimization, the purpose is to create the most comfortable for the user to wear experience. Wear more solid, so that users go out when wearing more relaxed. This section of the earplugs of the design is very fashionable, a variety of metal elements to join this section earplugs look more beautiful and small, ear with a 3.5mm plug, the impedance of 32 ohms, can be very good to meet the user with mobile phones Portable equipment to listen to the needs.