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Buy audio there are some errors are no longer taken advantage of the bulk

Many spent a lot of money, but always did not find the wishful sound equipment. So in the end how can we buy a good sound? Let's take a look at what the sound of the beats by dr dre purchase of any errors it! Can no longer take the bulk of the head. Some businesses to introduce speakers to everyone, often beats by dre studio speaking, how much of our speakers power, sound quality is very good, in fact, this argument is not accurate. Speaker power and sound quality effect is not cheap beats headphones a direct relationship, such as some speakers on the nameplate is marked 100w power, which refers to the speaker carrying power, meaning that as long as no longer enter the power of more than 100w, the speaker will not be damaged The Some of the audio power is marked as 20w-200w power, this is the recommended amplifier power range, which is recommended to use the power in the range of 20-200w amplifier to drive. There are some other parameters of the speaker, such as signal to noise ratio, impedance, etc., are only representative of the speaker some of the rigid indicators, with the sound quality and no direct relationship, if you see the business to say things, then you are from the Huyou not far away. The development of electro-acoustic technology has gone through a hundred years, and compared to other electronic technology, the development of electro-acoustic technology is relatively slow, and the sound quality of the need for a long time to study and try to achieve. Now many speaker manufacturers have chosen to strengthen from the function, digital decoding, remote control and even touch operation, to emphasize these are the future trend of the speaker. This type of speaker prices are usually higher, and there is enough large profit margins, which is why many businesses like to sell these products reasons. In fact, the essence of sound is the pursuit of sound quality, rather than so many fancy features, how to make the sound better, this is what we should care about the topic, the future trend of sound must also be linked with the sound quality, so consumers in the purchase Speakers, should pay more attention to the effect, rather than function.

We all know that the speaker unit is the power of the signal sent to the sound output, is the most critical part of the speaker, speaker performance and sound quality performance, largely depends on the speaker unit performance. But really is the more units, the better the effect of the speaker? In fact, otherwise it is not. Speaker with a few units, depending on the frequency range of frequency division, if it is simply divided into high and bass (or low) two-way two-way speakers, use a high and one low (or low) two speakers It is enough, so that the general cost of the box will be higher, because the unit in the design extraction, focusing on the treble and subwoofer unit, the unit effect is more prominent. The box to use a treble and a two bass in the unit, so that beats by dre cheap in the high frequency and low frequency of the two bands will be more prominent effect, and the use of mirror symmetry technology to enhance the sound of the positioning, so that sound The effect of a better chip. So it is not much better than the unit effect. Know the sound of the existence of the existence of the errors after the comparison, the purchase of a good gift of good sound, no longer take the bulk.