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Bluetooth headset radiation "hurt the brain"?

In the Bluetooth technology-based wireless headphones increasingly popular today, this view is scary. What is the truth? Reporters interviewed the relevant field of researchers, Associate Professor Wu Jiangwen, Department of Mathematics, Shijiazhuang Railway University.

Bluetooth equipment brought about by the radiation problem has been widely questioned. Professor Normand de la Perrye of the Canadian University Health Network Medical Center said that even if only a small amount of radiation, the impact on the human body is relatively large.

In response, Apple responded that Apple's new headset using Bluetooth technology, radio transmission strictly comply with the US Federal Communications Commission guidelines, and Bluetooth radio waves than the microwave radiation is much smaller.

So, how much radiation will cause harm to the human body?

"It is worth noting that the Bluetooth headset is worn around the brain, far greater than the impact of other electrical appliances of the same power." Wu Jiang said that the amount of radiation can be approximated to be inversely proportional to the square of the distance. This means that the shorter the distance from the human body, the greater the amount of radiation. If the distance is reduced by half, then the same received power in the case of radiation increased by 4 times the original.

"In this case, if placed in the vicinity of the brain, Bluetooth headset output power is only one thousandth of the microwave output power in the case of radiation with the microwave will reach the same level." Wu Jiang said.

And the data show that the output power of Bluetooth products is 1 milliwatt, is the microwave use of one millionth of the power, well below the level of one thousandth.

"The public does not have to be too anxious about radiation problems." There are experts, the current international standards for the radiation there are two standards, the European standard is 2 watts / kg, the American standard is 1.6 watts / kg, meaning the average time of 6 minutes One kilogram of absorbed electromagnetic radiation energy shall not exceed 2 watts or 1.6 watts. Chinese regulations are more stringent, 1 watt / kg, while the Bluetooth radiation value of about 1 mW / kg. And from the current research results, there is no conclusive evidence can show that the Bluetooth headset can bring harm to human health.

Cerebral vascular barrier is not easy to pass through

Some experts said that overtime transmission to the ears of radio waves can weaken the blood barrier wall of the brain. University of California, Berkeley Public Health Professor Dr. Joel Moskowitz said that the microwave transmission equipment close to the brain, which is placed next to the brain placed in the microwave transmitter.

So, what is the blood barrier wall, through the blood barrier and what kind of impact? "Cerebral vascular barrier refers to the blood vessels and the brain between a selective to prevent certain substances from the blood into the brain 'barrier', is a kind of self-protection mechanism. Cerebral vascular barrier is to prevent chemical toxins into the body of vital organs , Through the blood barrier, means to bring risks to the health of the brain. "There are medical experts to explain.

"In theory, under certain conditions, the transmission of radio waves to the ear, there will indeed be through the risk of cerebral vascular barrier." Wu Jiangwen said that a recent medical literature shows that there have been doctors with ultrasound in the brain, Conditions, the success of certain macromolecules through the cerebral vascular barrier.

"Bluetooth headphones produce radio waves and ultrasound and has similarity, can cause some of the material vibration. Ultrasound can under certain conditions to promote macromolecular drugs penetrate the cerebral vascular barrier, which means that radio waves also have to promote toxic substances penetrate the brain The possibility of vascular barrier. "Wu Jiangwen explained, of course, this is only in theory to speculate that the specific results still need a lot of experiments to verify.

Some experts believe that, although radio and ultrasound have a certain similarity, but because of the Bluetooth headset radio frequency is very low, it is difficult to compare with the vibration generated by ultrasound. On the other hand, the cerebral vascular barrier can closely regulate the transport of substances, making 98% of the central system of drugs are "bright red", showing that beats earbuds this barrier is not easy to pass through.

"Although the harm of Bluetooth headset has not yet been demonstrated, but it is recommended that the public, especially pregnant women and other sensitive people is best not to use Bluetooth headphones for a long time to listen to songs, call." Wu Jiang said that even if there is no call or music, Bluetooth headset The process will continue to send radio signals in the ear, may bring risks to human health risks.