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Bluetooth headset charge how long Bluetooth headset charge Note

When the factory is Bluetooth headset battery is not fully charged. In order to fully activate the battery, the first three times to charge 6-8 hours. After each time beats by dre to fill 2-3 hours on it. Charging time is generally bright red light, headset is full of blue light or green light, and some full light after the light is bright. To maximize battery beats by dre on sale life, it is necessary to master the correct way to charge the Bluetooth headset, that is, only when the battery is low to charge. Generally, the number beats by dre of times the battery is charged is about 500 times. That is, the normal life of about 2 years. Full of normal standby time 2-4 days, a normal use of the phone is 1-3 days, the phone will be relatively short.

1, use the appropriate charger. General Bluetooth headset has a dedicated charger, if there is no dedicated charger, you can find the charging interface (some thin hole, and some are the same MiniUSB interface), and the rated output power of the same charger. 2, when the charge should be inserted into all the plug, do not just insert more than half, so a long time to damage the machine. Plug in the plug when the plug, to light some, or a long time will lead to loose plug. 3, if the Bluetooth headset inserted in the base or charging box on the charge, charging directly after the completion of the Bluetooth headset than the use of a long time to charge. Charging method and directly to the headset charging the same, the charging line at the base of the hole can be inserted. 4, when the charge after the power, the red light is on, that is charging. If the charge is complete, the indicator light turns blue or green, and the charger can be removed. 5, to charge the Bluetooth headset, try not to use headphones, so as to avoid accidental damage