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Audition Hall sound effects debugging skills

General auditorium sound effects debugging is divided into two areas, the first is the system, beats solo then the band and vocals. Here first introduce the experience of system tone adjustment.

system debugging:

Set aside the basic adjustment steps such as the polarity detection and phase correction of the speaker, and assume that the two are already in good condition.

Many friends like to use the spectrum analyzer or spectrum analysis software for balanced adjustment of the reference, this method intuitive, but pay attention to the straight curve does not mean the tone of the beautiful, because the human ear listening curve is not straight, the system Of the tone adjustment ultimately depends on the tuner's ears. Generally do this, first with a familiar CD playback, listen to the sound of the scene and their own impression of what is different. In general, there are some differences in live sound and their impressions. Tone adjustment from the beginning of the first low-frequency, because the low-frequency energy is relatively large, there is a certain high-frequency masking effect on the bass tone processing criteria is to ensure that clean, and then consider the other. Usually most of the beats earbuds places will have some low-frequency resonance, the general performance around the ear in the "buzzing" sound, this sound will seriously damage the low-frequency sound quality, so that low-frequency sound becomes turbid, not clean, this time On the equalizer first attenuation of 40 or 50 Hz below the band (the general music or band beats by dre on sale performance low frequency limit to do 50 Hz enough), and then one by one pull down the low frequency of the putter, pulled a putt, "Om Hum "sound weakened or disappeared, keep this position. At this time, you will find a lot of low-frequency all of a sudden, on this basis, you can do some tone adjustment work, such as to increase the fullness of low frequency, you can properly attenuate 80 Hz, so because of the reduction, Energy, low frequency of the lower part of the energy to be prominent, naturally feel full of some, to increase the intensity, so that the bass "cool" some, you can do some attenuation between 50,60 Hz, reduce the energy of the lower part of the lower, you can let the bass speed Accelerate, the natural voice becomes more cool. Repeated this adjustment, find a balance point, the general can get fast and flexible, while very clean bass effect.

Do a good job after the bass, do not adjust the whole frequency of the case, the general will find the whole voice will become more transparent than before, this is the role of masking effect. This time, you can find the original performance is not obvious some of the details began to show, the same, for the full-tone tone adjustment from the low frequency to start, because compared to the high frequency, low frequency energy enough, if not done, there will be a voice Fuzzy situation, the treatment of low-frequency first from it to do a clean start, the general impact of low-frequency clarity has three frequencies, 200,400,600 Hz, 200 Hz or so generally expressed as "boom" sound, affecting the human voice Clarity, do some attenuation can feel the sound becomes clear, about 400 Hz around the general impact of the sound of the degree of strength, this thing more than after the sound will be a little "scattered", do a little attenuation can feel the sound becomes solid. 600 Hz this thing if more, will feel a little low-frequency "dirty" feeling, after a little attenuation, will let the low-frequency become pure. Finish these hands and feet, the general will feel the low frequency has become very clear, a little cool.

The next to engage in the frequency, the energy band is stronger than the high-frequency band, if done well, or the sense of too strong, will cover up the details of high-frequency. Processing IF generally 1K-2K as the main starting point, because the ear is very sensitive to this band, the treatment is not good, it will produce hard, or the feeling of ear. First on this band to do some attenuation, you can also find that the sound level of some of the sound, the sound has become relatively rounded a lot.

Finally, to engage in high-frequency, and after the above treatment, high-frequency sound should feel more transparent than the original, because the removal of a lot of things to cover it, but this time may also feel a little high-frequency hair " Hair "fried" feeling, it does not matter, first of all the most easily irritable 4-6K attenuation, high frequency will generally become smooth, if this time there are some voices "bared bared" sound, then Shun 8K also reduced by a little, it should be a. This time, if the feeling of high frequency although very rounded, but the lack of a little "sharp" feeling, then put 12K-14K or so to enhance a little bit, should be immediate impact.

After the above adjustment, the whole sound cheap beats should sound a little HIFI taste, and then change the other music CD, repeatedly tune a few times, put all kinds of music are feeling very comfortable, the overall feeling is very harmonious time to OK The.