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About the enthusiasts

As a want to want to burn and never determined to half the buns, I think a considerable part of the reason is because this circle has always been a lot of fresh things to attract me; to remove the variety of crushing reasons, the fundamental reason is because the circle for the material conditions The requirements are not absolute, for people into words is money does not mean you will be able to become a senior player. This is like everyone has experienced the student era: as long as the master method, to work hard, it must be missed with the slag, but also may evolve into the school Pa. So that some people after the work of the people are remembered their own student age, because it is for them, but by virtue of their own efforts to go beyond the times of others. So want to improve the level of posture, first of all have a good attitude, just like learning to stress the same way. Blindly blindly throwing money to buy things completely undesirable, drifting the consequences of the game has always been more and more confused. And calm the mind of the most central part is not impetuous.

Impetuous is a very broad concept; elaborate words, remove the material problems, burning headphones in almost all of the problems caused by the senses can be traced back to beats by dr dre the mentality of impetuous. Like to show off their wealth can always meet the rich, especially the rich can always meet the richer, and finally no one finally dazzled when only to find themselves into a low-level taste of the king-level characters. Of course, fundamentally speaking, show off their wealth this behavior itself is not the original intention of burning headphones.

I have been very interested in the way people understand and communicate. In the Internet, mobile networks and mobile smart terminal penetration rate is very high, the main contact between people to abandon the paper letters and long distances to meet, online communication and communication began to become the main leader of the exchange The But it is interesting to note that the more important communication needs are still met through face-to-face communication. Although cheap beats headphones the efficiency of speaking, the use of SNS or chat tool is far more convenient than face to face, but often after the exchange but found that these exchanges only played a role in cheap beats by dr dre maintaining contact and pass the time. I also tried to communicate through video + voice chat with friends in the distance, but in the whole video process, I have never been a trace of deep understanding of the real sense, and often dialogue to half of the two sides become silent and frequently Percussion keyboard brush chat record. To be on the screen that familiar face disappeared, leaving me only a sense of loss of sense of emptiness.

So I no longer too active in the forum, but through the online vision, personally visit the various headset shop online to see and get to know a lot of friends; with the number of meetings with the increase in the number of contacts Increasingly frequent, I found that many problems can not be solved online can easily solve the line, a lot of online can not be mentioned on the point of view can also be under the peace of the discussion. Here I do not want to discuss the causes of these phenomena, but it can be confirmed that offline communication is more far from what the learned and learned experience is. Mentioned above the line we can use a string of characters as a mask to cover up their own, then also shows that with the cover, everyone can be online on the headset to discuss the wrong and difficult to be perceived. And for the line, we have a way to see a person is not lying or nonsense; and even if you do not know the identification method, we can use their own ears to directly determine whether the argument is different from their own point of view. In addition, I often online and people say that the online debate is useless; because on the line, you do not have an effective way to let the other side to accept your views, the other side is also difficult to let you change their own view. But the same problem for the line, you will find the original should be difficult to communicate in fact, or reasonable, communication barriers are not as obvious as the line, so insurmountable. As for the reason, it may be possible for the anthropologist to explain it better; we only need to know that the line has its limitations in the end, unlike the line of communication can really be honest and free. To say some of the inscription, the current circle where I have a few very high degree of recognition and no way to get online to share the point of view; and these views are through the circle of friends and friends for a long time to discuss and repeated audition for Come on.