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A Decisive Factor in Small Unit Structure of Moving Headset

Moving headphones first appeared in 1937, most people think that the world's first pair of moving headphones is Beyerdynamic DT48, it was born with a very good objective parameters, 16-18000Hz frequency response range and 112dB / mW sensitivity, even today on the point of view is also very good, completely enough. Moving headset development is already very mature, in the sale of the vast majority of headphones are also used in this way, but in a large number of dynamic headphones, sound perception but each have their own differences, that determine these factors What is it? The most important factor in determining the dynamic headphones is the unit itself, followed by the structural design of the earmuffs and the material used for the wire. As the core of the headset, the unit in the headset throughout the work process played a pivotal role, the unit is not only created a sound quality, listening, but also decided a lot of objective parameters of the headset. In the purchase of headphones when there are many users have seen similar to the description of the unit, such as a certain headphones equipped with a 50mm moving coil unit, what materials made of diaphragm, etc., although these seem quite professional, Describes some of the headset unit information, but these descriptions are not very accurate, or some one-sided.

To have a understanding of the moving coil unit, but also from the actual working principle. If it is an old burning, the working principle of the headset is certainly not unfamiliar, I believe there are a lot of age on the burning friends, in the young may also personally assembled speakers. Dynamic headphones in fact the structure and the speaker is very similar, the difference is that the headset structure is much simpler than the speaker, but more sophisticated, headphone unit which does not exist bullet wave or dust cover such parts, while limited by space , The connection between the components more closely. Most of the headphones through a simple dismantling we can remove the headset unit, of course, if the process of violence is easy to dismantle the process, usually under the head of the unit head is a plastic frame, the unit frame in addition to the role of fixed parts , But also to protect the internal parts, if the unit continues to dismantle it is easy to lead to the consequences can not be restored. Headphones most important diaphragm, surrounded by the general will be fixed in the unit frame, while the film below the metal coil is the headset voice coil, the bottom is the permanent magnet. These four parts constitute the whole part of the moving unit, when we use the headset, the voice coil to get the beats headphones cheap current, thus forming a magnetic field, will be suspended in the lower permanent magnet, according to different audio signal current changes, which before and after the movement, driven Diaphragm, diaphragm is to promote beats solo the front of the air, and ultimately produced a sound wave. As the development of dynamic headphones has been relatively mature, in which permanent magnets and voice coil on the impact of sound quality is relatively small. At present, quite common permanent magnets are magnet and neodymium magnets, of which neodymium magnets are currently found in the highest commercial properties of the magnet, is widely used in the higher positioning of the headphone unit, the unit of permanent magnets generally round or round Ring, voice coil is usually placed in the permanent magnet which is the circular groove which. Voice coil is made of enameled wire, enameled wire by the conductor and the insulation of the two components, may be a child often play four-wheel drive users in the motor which saw this wire, enameled wire turns determine the headphones of the impedance, voice coil diameter And the thickness of the headset manufacturers generally through the exact calculation, combined with the size of the diaphragm used and material, so that voice coil can have the most reasonable design. Voice coil can be understood as a power solenoid, headphones work voice coil will produce different intensity of the magnetic field, and the permanent magnet to produce interaction, to promote the front of the diaphragm. If you enter too much power will cause the voice coil to send a lot of heat, may lead to voice coil deformation, serious will burn.

Diaphragm in the moving unit which is called the head, but also manufacturers to promote a part of the most, said a lot of advertisements called 50mm, 40mm unit refers to the diaphragm diameter, not the unit directly, sometimes the unit will be larger than the diaphragm On a lot. Generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the diaphragm can drive the more air, the promotion of low frequency is very helpful, but too large diameter will lead to insufficient film strength, but if it is to increase the thickness, it will beats by dre sale lead to decreased sensitivity. Diaphragm structure and a variety of materials, more common similar to the silicone transparent material, in addition, titanium and wood diaphragm also has been applied. As the headset is limited by the volume and other factors, it can not be the same as the speaker to take their own, the use of frequency design, different units using different materials diaphragm, headphones on the diaphragm must be omnipotent, preferably not appear Partial subfamily. Headphones diaphragm appearance is different from the speaker diaphragm, more inclined to flat, and in order to control the distortion and vibration and other adverse factors, many headphones in the diaphragm using a unique texture design. In order to have a higher sensitivity of the headphones, the weight of the active part of the moving coil unit should also be kept light, the use of too heavy material will reduce the sensitivity of the headphones, combined with the elasticity of the diaphragm, will also affect the headphone transient response , In short, each component of the moving circle unit will affect each other, only all aspects can be balanced in order to achieve the best sound quality and listening.

For the dynamic headphones, the sound sense of hearing is not a single component can be decided, is the result of all aspects of integrated design, just by virtue of a single parameter to determine whether the headset is not correct, often need to consider the headset The actual sense of hearing. In addition, the world is now not a headset has an absolute advantage, many times are a penny of goods, even if the flagship of the brand is also beats headphones cheap difficult to distinguish, for their own is the most important.