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The thrill of hearing tiny details you've never heard before. In songs you thought you knew inside out. With the sleek and rugged Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ Beats headphones engineered by Monster Beats By Dr Dre Headphones, thrills rule.

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The Beats Mixr is strong, light and powerful bringing the Beats sound quality not only to professional DJs, but also to consumers that seek the best headphone experience.
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Powered by long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, Beats Wireless headphones feature impressive range and outstanding comfort, allowing you to move without any cords to hold you back.


  • From which aspects of evaluation headphones sound quality is good or bad?

    Air refers to the movement of music in the sound field, used to express the treble of the open, or the sound field in the instrument between the space of the acoustic terms. Audio equipment quality is not good, the air will be more dirty. Refers to the audio equipment can reproduce the minimum frequency. Is used to determine the extent to which the sound system or speaker can be dived to the extent that the bass is reproduced. For example, the low-frequency subwoofer low-frequency extension can be 40Hz, while the large subwoofer is dive to 16Hz. Low-frequency extension of the deep, moving times feel more shocking. Similar to the visual effects brought by the home theater, in the hearing, we can also feel at home also like sitting in the bigbang concert feeling.

    Generally when the music base frequency is higher than 500Hz or cheap beats headphones more, it will become clear up, even as high as 7500Hz, we can not say it is not bright, so beats earphones the sound of the bright sense is a more general adjective. Brightness at 2800 Hz the most obvious point. Bright and there is no problem, the live concert are bright voice, the key lies in the bright grasp of the sense of proportion, too bright (even whistle) will let the listener resentment. Bright on the headset is reflected in the sound crisp or not, how can the headphones to the sound of the original expression, the sound is rounded and there will be no harsh phenomenon, the total comes to the headset quality and sound.

    Understand these, beats by dr dre is not in the understanding of the music on a little more knowledge of it. In the future selection of headphones, I believe we can from all aspects of the headset headphone beats by dre on sale sound quality performance and the ability to deal with the details, choose to more favorite headphones, no longer afraid of being pit.

    2017-04-28 11:20:11
  • Conductive deafness Hearing "headphones"

    General hearing aids are all worn on the ears and may not work for some deaf cheap beats by dre patients. The 'headset' described here is bite in the mouth, through the teeth wide ("bone conduction" way) to listen to, it can make some patients to hear the sound again.

    Production principle

    Acoustic waves through the external auditory canal spread to the tympanic membrane, listen to the small bone, to stimulate the auditory receptors within the cochlea, the conduction path called "air guide." Another wave of vibration can also be through the head of the bones such as (such as mastoid, teeth) vibration conduction to the inner ear, stimulate the auditory sensor, that is, "bone guide." Some beats headphones patients with conductive deafness can not "air guide" way to hear the sound, but through the "bone guide" approach

    Hear the sound. Here introduced the "headset" is based on this principle from the system made. "Headphones" into the hearing aid headphone jack, the sound current through the magnetic field in the coil into mechanical vibration, the "headphones" bite in the mouth, you can "bone guide" way to hear the sound. Connect "headphones" to radio and so on, and enjoy music.

    Production Method

    With ordinary 8 ear plug machine ring magnet and small speakers within the cylindrical magnet were made of two "headphones." Figure 1 (a) is made of circular magnets "headphones", the coil with 0.07mm enameled wire directly around the screw, the beats by dre sale two pads of a round plastic sheet, the number of coils according to the size of the circular magnet to fill the full size. "Headphones" handle with a wooden handle (or hard plastic handle), screw into the water handle, do not be too tight, too tight will make the volume down.

    Is a cylindrical magnet made of "headphones", the coil around the "headset" handle a little smaller diameter of the place, about lcm, enameled wire diameter 0.1mm, close cheap beats to four layers, cylindrical magnet on the top, outside the cover To the appropriate plastic casing, from the fixed role can also be fixed with tape.

    Two "headphones" of the lead-out are common headphones lead wire, the end of the headset plug, and hearing aids headphone jack match.

    2017-04-27 11:31:27
  • Headset wire to determine the quality of headset sound quality reasons

    Is it beats by dre sale really amazing to have a fever Veteran enthusiasts have practical experience in different equipment to match the different wire, know the sound of different fever wire is not the same. In the eyes of the cheerleaders who think that these wires are how the magic or how these veteran enthusiasts have a pair of impeccable golden ears. But many people can not explain why the power cord will make a vital change in the sound, and some believe that the power line is a metaphysics. In fact, as long as you understand the principle of wire changes to the sound you will understand that this is not metaphysics.

    First of all, the signal line and the speaker line or the role of the headset line we may have in the practical application of the understanding, but the role of the power cord for the recognition of the few people. We all know that the conduction of DC current and AC current and the complex audio signal is not the same, the DC current and relative fixed frequency AC current such as 220v 50hz frequency and intensity is relatively simple and stable, and the audio signal frequency and strength But it is constantly changing! So the use of different wire design and conductor type requirements are not the same.

    Middle school physics textbooks talk about the amperite theorem, know there is a magnetic field around the current, the conductor through the current, the surrounding will produce a magnetic field, the resulting magnetic field will introduce the vibration and cheap beats by dr dre vibration will be checked with the magnetic field interference current conduction. As discussed on the 52th hardware, coupled with changing frequencies and signals of different strength, beats by dre it produces more complex magnetic fields and vibrations, and more radiant and vibrating, making the ideal conduction extremely complex The

    The second is to understand the impact of the wire itself to the transmission. I use a relatively simple map to let everyone understand.

    The resistance is expressed as the DC resistance through the conductor, the inductance produced by the conductor is a sense of the conductor itself. The distributed capacitance of the insulator pack attached to the conductor adheres to the surface of the conductor, which should be equal to zero, but is not practically possible. More conductors are checked together to produce capacitors and inductors that exist between these conductors, and when these conductors are treated as a whole, a conductor is present in the whole. Shielding layer attached to the conductor, to prevent EMI interference, but he will have the same capacitance and inductance, such a complex process of conduction, in addition to outside pollution, its own structure and so on the impact is very large.

    And then need to understand is the distribution of capacitance and inductance on the sound of the impact. Amplifier output coupling capacitor size will be directly reflected in the different sound, the previous coupling capacitor needs no sense, is to reduce the impact of the inductor on the sound, the reason is cheap beats headphones more easy to understand the conductor capacitance inductance on the impact of the sound.

    Finally, the skin effect is also taken as a key factor to be taken into account, due to the physical characteristics of the high-frequency signal basically take the conductor surface, low-frequency signal to walk the middle of the conductor, then high and low frequency signal transmission is not uniform, resulting in the impact of sound.

    2017-04-26 11:31:46
  • Teach you to pick a beats headphones good headset

    Many people say that I do not have that spirit of the ear, why do you want to spend so expensive to buy a pair of headphones. In fact, the consequences of long-term use of poor quality headphones are immeasurable. Headset damage caused by hearing is permanent. Not malicious attacks on certain brands, but like Beats such headphones, for their own product positioning, the first is the light luxury brand. In other words, the same price of the headset, this type of brand, cost is not high. Because they are the main brand image, music quality is second. According to their own economic strength in the network to do homework, select your favorite brand, model. Some forums and paste it inside the evaluation, are very helpful. Comfort is very important. Whether ear, hanging ear, or headset. First of all, the first thing to try is comfort.

    Second, listen to the time, you can hear the tri-band and you use the headset before the effect of comparison. If the sound source itself is rough sound quality ... that may beats earphones have to do a music package. Sound field, spatial sense, balance, particles, sound and dynamic can be as your ears gradually sensitive and included in the comparison beats by dre ranks. Because the new headphones, inside the winding coil, magnets, and some crossover and other components are all new, and the coil is mostly copper material, after a period of time to open the resonance push-pull more smoothly. But for low-end headphones, the pot is not a big difference to burn a year.

    First of all, the headset does not hurt the ear, only the level of different ears. Earphones are, to some extent, soundproofing is better than headphones.

    A scientific study in the UK shows that wearing a headphones beats headphones for a long time can lead to deafness 30 years ahead of time. To protect the ears, or do not open the headphones too loud, with headphones to listen to music or foreign language should pay attention to control the volume, it is best to keep the 40-60 dB do not listen for a long time, the use of headphones every day no more than 3-4 Hour, and intermittent listening is appropriate, the best half an hour to let the ears rest for a while; pay attention to keep the headset clean.

    2017-04-25 11:46:07
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