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The thrill of hearing tiny details you've never heard before. In songs you thought you knew inside out. With the sleek and rugged Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ Beats headphones engineered by Monster Beats By Dr Dre Headphones, thrills rule.

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The Beats Mixr is strong, light and powerful bringing the Beats sound quality not only to professional DJs, but also to consumers that seek the best headphone experience.
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Powered by long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, Beats Wireless headphones feature impressive range and outstanding comfort, allowing you to move without any cords to hold you back.


  • Life is more than poetry and distant, you have

    Life more than the eyes of the move, there are poems and distant. You have to look at this point is your life, then you have finished this life, "This is Gao Xiaosong mother education he is often said that we have different poems and distant, in order to dream of cross the horse jumping the world, But most of our poems and distant are too immersed in the pursuit of material, the car house deposits, every day full of eight hours tired cheap beats headphones exhausted or full of street complaints, so how do we get to poetry and distance. For the future struggle, suddenly looking back one day found beats earphones that sprinkling blood of youth is running out, the meaning of life gone, leaving only regret, while we have time on the road, bring headphones to precipitate beats headphones their own. A very good feature that is the headset design is very muscular, but light weight, rigorous workmanship, and wear very comfortable headphones using Bluetooth and wired two connections, the user beats headphones cheap can choose according to the need to use.In addition, the headset used Active noise reduction technology, noise reduction up to 36dB, even in the very noisy outdoor environment, you can also enjoy a quiet. For those who love music, the sound performance determines the upper limit.

    Unit shell and head beam gives a strong sense of durable, the overall weight of the headset in the bag ear design is relatively light, wearing no pressure head. In fact, TEUFEL is a very characteristic in the sound of the headset, this feature is not a detail, but the sound of the overall style of shaping the harsh execution.

    2017-06-29 11:52:45
  • Headset pricing secrets - resolution, and its relationship with other HiFi properties

    You may often encounter someone else's life evaluation of a headset sound quality sucks, and there are many others that listen to thousands of pieces of headphones sound and dozens of pieces of no difference, why there will be such a big difference, we will be in this Series of articles one by one to answer. What is the resolution of the sound? Analytical power is intuitive to say that the clarity of the sound and the details of the amount of information on the performance of the ability to contact the knowledge of the computer know that the screen has a resolution say, such as beats by dre "1280x800" and "1440x900", this indicator relates to the clarity of the screen Problem, in the field of photography we use the total pixel to summarize this indicator, such as 700 million and 13 million of the camera; for audio equipment, there is a similar argument, we call it called resolution or resolution, but there is no clear Quantitative indicators to measure, can only rely on the human ear to subjective evaluation.

    Why the resolution of a large extent determine the headset pricing? The resolution of the headphone unit is mainly related to the material, thickness and coil technology of the diaphragm, and the technical requirements are very high. It is a large proportion of the investment in the R & D investment, which directly determines the unit's R & D and production cost. So the sales price of headphones will be affected by this part of the great impact of research and development costs. How do we know the effect of resolving power on the hearing of the human ear is comprehensive, including the sound floor cleanliness, overtone performance, sound saturation, sound knot shape clarity, sound texture and so on. Analysis of high equipment with a word to sum up, that is, "do not lose information on the details of the music analysis."

    The higher the resolution, the better the headset? Why high-end headphones are mostly high impedance? Although the resolution can bring a lot of benefits, but the high resolution will also bring a headache problem - distortion. This is why high-end headphones are more likely to use high-impedance solutions, because simply by increasing the sensitivity of the unit diaphragm on the current and lift the resolution will cause serious distortion, beats by dre cheap so usually low-impedance headset resolution will not be set too high, because the front ( Power amplifier circuit) limited control, strong analytical power will bring greater dynamic distortion (to achieve the same loudness of the low frequency of the beats by dre wireless energy required is high frequency required several times). The role of high-impedance system is to achieve high resolution in the case of as much as possible to reduce the dynamic distortion, thus ensuring the overall balance of the playback effect; and custom ear ear plugs are multi-unit frequency of the idea to control this dynamic distortion, But the divider will produce other distortions that will affect the tone.

    2017-06-28 11:23:27
  • Uncover the mystery of the headset

    A headset is an electro-acoustic transducer that is a listening device that converts an electrical signal into a sound signal and wore it on the head or in the ear. Unlike the loudspeaker, the headset's function is to produce a sound pressure in a small hole, and the loudspeaker radiates beats by dre wireless the sound energy to the free space. The headphones work basically in the 20Hz-20KHz ear-piercing band, which is an extremely limited area of ??acoustics from the frequency of zero hits to several tens of megahertz's special ultrasound. But even such a narrow band, the high-end frequency is higher than the low-frequency 1000 times. If this ratio of 1000/1 is considered in an equivalent resistance network design, it is found that the problem is very serious, which makes the design and manufacture of high quality headphones very difficult.

    Headset design, must be in the machine - electricity - sound of the three systems exist in many contradictory factors in the use of compromise approach, and thus to a certain extent with many designers subjective ideas and techniques, cheap beats which formed a different brand, Different types of headphones "personality" and "taste".

    Many of the friends asked, "Which headphones are best to listen to?" This is the same as "what kind of frequency is the best to eat?", Often make the responders do nothing. Although the words, but if the various mechanisms of the headset, structure, features first have a basic understanding, or can be made in mind, and then according to their own purposes, and then the purpose of the many headphones in the brand and model Choose the audition, it is not difficult to find their own products. An electroacoustic transducer in an earphone, often referred to as a "sound unit". It is the core components of the headset, the basic decision of the overall performance of the headset. Headphones generally use a single type of electro-acoustic transducer, but in order to broaden the frequency of sound playback, improve its performance, there are individual headphones using two electro-acoustic transducer. But this kind of headphones because the structure is more complex, but also because of the new diaphragm material and technology does not appear, the current structure of the dual electro-acoustic transducer in the current headset manufacturing has been used. Moving iron electroacoustic transducer, also known as electromagnetic electro-acoustic transducer. It is with the invention of the phone, then mainly used for telephone communication of the receiver in the movable iron electro-acoustic transducer is mainly fixed in the magnetic circuit in the coil and vibration of the ferromagnetic components. Alternating current through the coil when the alternating magnetic field, so that the magnetic circuit in the iron diaphragm or armature force changes and vibration sound.

    The earliest practical movable iron electroacoustic transducers were designed by the inventor of the telephone, A. G Bell and T. Watson, 1876. In 1930, W. C. Jones of the United States and J.Sl Roberto, of the United Kingdom, developed a balanced improved receiver that, through the full theoretical study of magnetic principles and the use of the latest magnetic materials, Drive system is completely updated, making the performance has been greatly improved, frequency response up to 200Hz-3500Hz, which replaced the Bell's design.

    Incidentally, as early as 1860, the German young physicist Rice had invented a wonderful device. He cut the wooden beer barrel into the shape of the ear, at the port at the porch of the porch, and add the magnet and wire into the transmitter, it can make the sound into the current fluctuations. The receiver is fixed on the violin around the coil with a needle, it is said that this device can pass a simple statement. He calls this device a telephone "Telephone". The other thing was that Eliza Gray had filed a similar patent application only three hours after Bell and Watson invented the moving iron receiver. But it was the three-hour difference that only remembered Bell and Watson, but Gray was forgotten forever.

    In 1950, the ring-shaped armature electroacoustic transducer, abandoned the ferromagnetic plane plate diaphragm, began to use the ring armature and adhesion of its beats by dre non-ferromagnetic conical radiator to the end of the quality, so that the output sound Pressure increased by 5 dB, the frequency range extended about 500Hz, the successful design of the movable iron electro-acoustic transducer performance to the extreme.

    High-impedance moving iron headphones are the first tool to listen to radio, and its sensitivity is extremely high, tens of micro-watts of power can drive it. In the fifties before and after the 1950s for the varieties of ore radio, the impedance of 2000 and 2000 ohm and two, the frequency of 200Hz-3200Hz. Later, in order to drive the power of the larger tube and semiconductor radio mated, resulting in 300 ohm to 800 ohm medium-resistance moving iron earplugs and 8 ohm to 16 ohm low impedance movable iron earplugs.

    The frequency response of the moving iron headphones is very narrow, the best products, frequency response can only reach 150Hz-4000 Hz, which is due to its impedance characteristics were "inductive" and iron diaphragm or armature is also heavy Solid. With the development of electro-acoustic technology it has gradually disappeared. But the moving iron headphones in the early communication, radio, and even measurement technology have been very widely used, it is used in the design of the basic analytical methods and equations of motion, led to the analogy, frequency balance, mechanical system damping Principle, the future development of high-performance headphones have played a very important role, so we should not forget it. The moving coil electroacoustic transducer, also known as an electro-acoustic transducer, is made using the principle that the energized conductor can produce a displacement in a constant magnetic field. Unlike the movable iron electroacoustic transducer, the vibrating part of the moving coil electroacoustic transducer is composed of a coil (called a voice coil) wound around the skeleton, It is a non-ferromagnetic parts, and the former part of the vibration of the magnetic circuit is a vibratable part (ferromagnetic diaphragm or armature), is a ferromagnetic parts. This is the "moving iron" and "moving coil" called the origin of the law.

    The change in the structure of the moving coil electroacoustic transducer has brought about a qualitative change in performance. First of all, it can be used in the diaphragm is very light, toughness, good rigidity of the polymer film to create, so that the vibration system can be a great degree of axial recovery, so that the swing greatly increased, and not Will produce excessive mechanical or magnetic nonlinear distortion. Second, its impedance characteristics are basically "resistive", which makes the audio signal high frequency and low frequency side can be more easily beats earphones to the distortion-free playback

    2017-06-27 11:32:22
  • About the enthusiasts

    As a want to want to burn and never determined to half the buns, I think a considerable part of the reason is because this circle has always been a lot of fresh things to attract me; to remove the variety of crushing reasons, the fundamental reason is because the circle for the material conditions The requirements are not absolute, for people into words is money does not mean you will be able to become a senior player. This is like everyone has experienced the student era: as long as the master method, to work hard, it must be missed with the slag, but also may evolve into the school Pa. So that some people after the work of the people are remembered their own student age, because it is for them, but by virtue of their own efforts to go beyond the times of others. So want to improve the level of posture, first of all have a good attitude, just like learning to stress the same way. Blindly blindly throwing money to buy things completely undesirable, drifting the consequences of the game has always been more and more confused. And calm the mind of the most central part is not impetuous.

    Impetuous is a very broad concept; elaborate words, remove the material problems, burning headphones in almost all of the problems caused by the senses can be traced back to beats by dr dre the mentality of impetuous. Like to show off their wealth can always meet the rich, especially the rich can always meet the richer, and finally no one finally dazzled when only to find themselves into a low-level taste of the king-level characters. Of course, fundamentally speaking, show off their wealth this behavior itself is not the original intention of burning headphones.

    I have been very interested in the way people understand and communicate. In the Internet, mobile networks and mobile smart terminal penetration rate is very high, the main contact between people to abandon the paper letters and long distances to meet, online communication and communication began to become the main leader of the exchange The But it is interesting to note that the more important communication needs are still met through face-to-face communication. Although cheap beats headphones the efficiency of speaking, the use of SNS or chat tool is far more convenient than face to face, but often after the exchange but found that these exchanges only played a role in cheap beats by dr dre maintaining contact and pass the time. I also tried to communicate through video + voice chat with friends in the distance, but in the whole video process, I have never been a trace of deep understanding of the real sense, and often dialogue to half of the two sides become silent and frequently Percussion keyboard brush chat record. To be on the screen that familiar face disappeared, leaving me only a sense of loss of sense of emptiness.

    So I no longer too active in the forum, but through the online vision, personally visit the various headset shop online to see and get to know a lot of friends; with the number of meetings with the increase in the number of contacts Increasingly frequent, I found that many problems can not be solved online can easily solve the line, a lot of online can not be mentioned on the point of view can also be under the peace of the discussion. Here I do not want to discuss the causes of these phenomena, but it can be confirmed that offline communication is more far from what the learned and learned experience is. Mentioned above the line we can use a string of characters as a mask to cover up their own, then also shows that with the cover, everyone can be online on the headset to discuss the wrong and difficult to be perceived. And for the line, we have a way to see a person is not lying or nonsense; and even if you do not know the identification method, we can use their own ears to directly determine whether the argument is different from their own point of view. In addition, I often online and people say that the online debate is useless; because on the line, you do not have an effective way to let the other side to accept your views, the other side is also difficult to let you change their own view. But the same problem for the line, you will find the original should be difficult to communicate in fact, or reasonable, communication barriers are not as obvious as the line, so insurmountable. As for the reason, it may be possible for the anthropologist to explain it better; we only need to know that the line has its limitations in the end, unlike the line of communication can really be honest and free. To say some of the inscription, the current circle where I have a few very high degree of recognition and no way to get online to share the point of view; and these views are through the circle of friends and friends for a long time to discuss and repeated audition for Come on.

    2017-06-26 11:51:16
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