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  • Knowledge of earphone burning machine and basic knowledge of headset

    The following is a more professional method of praise headphones, please refer to the following:

    1, after receiving the headset, the first two days of music during the day and three hours around the night with the radio snow, that is, we hear the noise, the volume is usually two-thirds of the listening, the volume is normal Sound, old fire enough to accept 100 hours into the ear, 300 hours into the furnace, after the basic praise headphones, you can listen to the normal!

    2, every day with music praise headphones three or four hours, the middle of rest for 30 minutes, and then put three or four hours to rest, adhere to a minimum of ten hours a day. So the fire cycle to about 100 hours of basic open sound, the first two days or not too much volume, beats by dre wireless so as not to damage the diaphragm! Praise 200 to 300 hours later, the headset has been in the state of praise, you can always enjoy the music!

    3, usually normal daytime songs on the OK, slowly to Night radio normal volume wait on the night ... ... ... ... 200 ~ 300 hours later, the headphones naturally praise open!

    The above is a quick way to praise headphones, headphones can quickly enter the normal state, of course, you can not praise, naturally can listen to, you can also slowly feel the headset changes every day feel better headphones, which beats solo is one Kind of enjoy, and finally I wish you all praise their own headphones!

    Fashionable young people need healthy vitality, in the pursuit of fashion experience at the same time can not be ignored for the health of the grasp, for the young people in the physical development period, a reasonable design can protect the sound of the headphones is equally important. We all know that our ears from the outer ear, middle ear, the inner ear of three parts, the outer ear to accept the outside sound, and along the ear canal caused by tympanic shock, the middle ear tympanic beats by dre wireless membrane caused by the vibration of the bone, stapes and beats headphones anvil three small bone Vibration, the sound spread to the inner ear, the inner ear can produce nerve impulses, impulsive along the nerve into the nerve, so the sound of information reached the brain. But if the headphones are improperly worn or the headphones are too heavy, the sound pressure directly into the ear, concentrated to the very thin tympanic membrane, there is no room for cushioning, so to stimulate the nerve end of the hearing, very likely to cause hearing fatigue. But also cause some systemic adverse effects, the main symptoms of tinnitus, mild hearing loss, heavy hearing and ear pain, long-term accumulation and even cause permanent hearing impairment.

    2017-08-23 11:20:58
  • How to make the sound "singing" better?

    Why is my sound so good? In the manufacturers there is very nice to see, why buy home is not the same. In fact, want to play H i - Fi is not only focus on tuning a link, and negligence of other factors. In addition to equipment to be appropriate, but also have a good listening environment, careful adjustment and the correct use, can achieve the purpose. These truths believe that most of the enthusiasts understand, but can take into account the full play of friends, after all, not much equipment alone, a lot of enthusiasts on their own equipment performance are not very understanding, often because of improper use, and will decline Reason for attribution in some equipment body, the result "play" Hi - Fi becomes constantly "for" Hi - Fi.

    The appropriate volume is necessary to ensure that the sound of the conditions

    In fact, pretty sound or not, with the operation is correct and adjust a great relationship. A lot of friends no matter what music to listen to the same volume to listen to that the sound of the sound out of the natural sound, even more terrible is that they think loud is pretty sound, so whether it is listening to symphony or a single instrument playing, The volume to listen to the results of Teresa beats by dre studio Teng heard the voice of the sound of the bell, the petite body into Zhang eight King Kong, the violin enough to match the cello, guitar treble like a big piano, bass part of the drums. When you hear frowned, heart nausea, they are proud of the performance of the sound of the above, tell you how his system dynamics, how the singer is enough gas, how the details of the recording is more .... And so on, sometimes I really do not know how to tell him.

    Why are these friends going to listen to music like this? This is purely because they rarely go to the real concert, I am referring to the orthodox live concerts, like the two halls of large orchestral performances. When you hear the symphony orchestra played in the same concert hall and the volume of the single instrument and the sound of the real instrument, they can see what is the proportion of the sound in order to really understand the sound of a single instrument The In addition to listening to live music, the other is the most direct way to understand the sound and volume of musical instruments, that is, listen to some of the live system without a loudspeaker system, or simply buy a musical instrument back "personally surgeon", then when you go to listen to CD canned music , There will be no standard to adjust the volume, not only the sound distortion, the instrument deformation, ear suffering, the days of a long time, the hearing may also be damaged! Volume control of the highest skills and equipment, the best performance, of course, is the orchestra, a single instrument or real singing when the volume, authentic performance! This is some of the Hi-Fi Friends of the day to pursue the 1: 1 volume, that is, the same proportion of the size and the same size of the stereo field. They want to move the entire symphony orchestra home for live performance! So often go to the two halls to listen to live musicians, their control of the overall volume, always less than to listen to live musicians to play the correct. If you have a string of strings in your home, a tube of music, a keyboard instrument, you may use them to adjust the volume, adjust the volume size so that you can listen to the sound of the instrument playing with the actual instrument playing When your sound can be called Hi - Fi.

    Volume control is an art, the volume of the size of enough to affect the whole system pretty sound or not. Why is the sound really good? This problem is actually a lot of reasons, but also because it is too much, if even their own are not clear, I think we may be more difficult for you to find the reasons. Sound is not good reason may be to buy the equipment quality is not as good as you want, so it is not nice; may also be with improper, so not nice; of course, more likely to speaker is not right, so not good .... In short, it is true that it is true that it must also have its unpleasant factors exist. Here, I would like to leave aside the other, just mention the two most people are easy to ignore, and will not go to carefully consider the reasons. Perhaps the reason for the sound of the sound on the house is so simple, it is clearly placed in front of you, but you hear the sound every day when you turn a blind eye, and desperately to the horn sharp drill. What are these two reasons? In fact, it is a big reason, that is, "your volume is not too loud?" By this big reason, will turn into two small reasons: the speaker can not load too much volume; space can not load too much The volume.

    The volume is too loud and not know. Most people there is a misunderstanding that as long as the audio equipment, like to open more loudly loudly, audio equipment, regardless of the size of the sound should be able to sing very well. In fact, the sound equipment in the loudest and minimum sound when there is its daily limit, in terms of electronics, the expansion of the machine should be obtained from the sound source signal, without distortion in the case of authentic amplification, and The speaker is an audible audio signal that is within the audible range and is converted into an audible sound with sufficient sound pressure level through the transducer (speaker unit). In order to properly select a good speaker, you must first understand the sound signal properties, and then asked the speaker to "authentic" to the audio signal into a realistic natural sound. So the appropriate adjustment of the volume, so that most of the music is not distorted by the signal, is to let you hear the necessary conditions Liang sound. So the correct volume adjustment is very important, definitely not open more than whisper can be. Why the volume can not be too loud? There are two reasons: First, the expansion of the machine and the speaker may have been unable to stand so loud, and produce serious distortion, that is, we said the input signal was cut; Second, listen to the space can not afford so loud. The distortion of the expansion machine is easy to understand, it is because it is not enough force, but it is even the strength of the milk are exhausted, the result is of course paralyzed there. As for the speaker, this is what I have to say. Usually each speaker unit can withstand the power (or say the volume) has its limitations exist, if within its capacity, it can send a very low distortion, very pleasant sound. However, once the volume exceeds its own load, it can cause serious distortion. Speaker unit a distortion, the sound will be harsh harsh.

    Loudspeakers have distortion days, can not open too loud. Here you can give a few examples to prove: First, if you feel the sound is difficult to harsh, the volume is small, usually it is no longer ugly; Second, the general mini bed sound, if a certain volume to listen to, Often found even better than their own big sound sound! Of course, open loudly after completely aliasing; Third, if your car sound is fairly good, in the car to listen to music at an appropriate volume, often also have a good voice performance. From the examples that can be obtained from several daily lives, the importance of "proper volume" can be fully verified. beats solo Unfortunately, most people tend to overestimate their own sound group combination, that expensive price to buy a small speaker, say what should be able to issue a very large volume fishes. In fact, no matter how much money you spend to buy a speaker, a small speaker is a small speaker, it can be issued to the volume is there to limit the existence. Even if your speaker unit is better than normal, it is only a little bit of capacity to bear it.

    Use the tenor and the violin to test the volume. In the end how to correctly use the speakers, so that they do not distort the appropriate volume? Very simple, as long as the ears to listen to the line. Here I propose two kinds of sound to test, one is the human voice, one is the violin voice. First speaking, vocals, vocals are the most difficult performance of musical instruments, but also the general test of the largest speaker unit, especially tenor and soprano. Please take a tenor album to listen to (preferably Pava Luo Di, his voice the most devastating energy), only the volume to the tenor to sing very strong, it sounds not "ugly "The place so far. If you start to feel ugly, it has been more than the load of the speaker. What is the loudness of the loudspeaker's loud noise? I do not know that some speakers can sing loudly, some can only sing a small voice. In the end you may suddenly find out how my speakers can only sing so quietly? And then began to loudly loudly. Do not doubt that the speaker unit is not Superman, it can not be unlimited drive without distortion. How serious is the distortion of the loudspeaker unit over load? If it is not an cheap beats engineer, we may not know that because the speaker's narratives never list the distortion figures of the speakers. It is because the distortion is very low, so even if the distortion figures listed, we do not pay attention to it. After the human voice has been tried, come again and we use the violin to try. Do not have to use the concerto, as long as the violin sonata on it, only a violin and a piano, you can hear more clearly. Note that when the cheap beats sound of the violin starts to be tight, the ear is sharpened, there is the limit, where the volume should be lowered and the sound of the violin will not sound tight, and the sweet piano will be able to Show up, there is the most appropriate volume.

    To have a huge volume must have a large unit group. Maybe when you adjust the volume in accordance with the essentials will be very disappointed, because the small volume and can not meet your hearing. Yes, the reality is very cruel, or why there will be multi-unit four-piece large speakers, large-diameter units appear. Speakers design engineers know the ceiling of loudspeaker units, so in order to show a large volume without distortion, they must use dozens of small units or a small number of large-diameter units, so that each unit only issued the most appropriate volume The Think about it, dozens of non-distorted unit presented by the relaxed natural large sound, is it a treble a bass unit of small speakers can and phase! But then again, the loudspeaker overall sound to be able to show the need to listen to the larger listening room in the appropriate volume will have a beautiful sound, and we are living in the capital of the metropolis, the general living room Most of the seven, eight Ping, in this small space would like to put a large branch of the speaker, it would be better to put a pair of bookshelf-type speakers more practical, because the space of small speakers sound more vague and no details of the dynamic, too loud and afraid of the volume Noisy to the neighbors, so we can only reconsider, how to make the shelves of the speaker to send the best sound to hear. Therefore, no matter what speaker to use, to understand the limits of their own speakers, its volume control in the most appropriate circumstances, this is the sound of your sound is not difficult to listen to the biggest secret. Have you ever found that listening to the night is particularly nice? In addition to the reasons for the power supply is sufficient, the lower the noise, making the volume is relatively small (already feel enough) is probably one of the important factors.

    Listen to the space load is not too much volume. Listening to space is not a speaker or expansion machine, how can the load problem? Of course! But also the average person is easy to ignore the problem. In fact, listening to the volume of space load, is the space within the six walls of the sound reflection load. In North America, most of the rooms are made of wood and gypsum board, and there is a mezzanine between the board and the board. This is the standard soft space. Like this space can be to absorb a lot of sound energy, that is to say its sound load is very large. Whether it is high frequency band, middle frequency band or low frequency band, this space can be absorbed. In contrast, Taiwan's listening space is brick wall or cement grouting six walls, such a hard wall can absorb the sound energy, naturally can not be compared with the soft tone space. One is absorbed, the other is mostly reflective; soft space absorption may sometimes make low-frequency sense of lack of, but most can make high-frequency Shun ear; and hard-tune the low frequency of space will not escape (and will enhance) , But it is also very easy because the high-frequency reflection is too strong and harsh. Weigh the pros and cons, I tend to have a soft tone fan space, because such a space for the volume of the load is relatively large, do not let you feel the noise noisy harsh.

    How the speaker is placed

    Positive triangular pendulum method is very easy to use. If you do not want to change the hard tune space, there is no way to solve the space reflection sound too much too strong, the space load can not this problem? Have! The first one is the most simple and no brains of the method, of course, is to reduce the volume, this method is no longer necessary to narrate. The second method is to use the "triangular pose method" in the loudspeaker's "eight-way" method (some spaces may also become "long-side pendulum" plus "triangular pendulum"). Why use a triangular position? The biggest key is that the speaker condition is far from the four walls, when the speaker away from the wall, it will produce a reflection of the sound will be weak, so that heard a mess of the sound Will be reduced, the ear will be able to quiet.

    Do not ignore the magical effect of adding long side pendulum method. In fact, the triangular pendulum method, is the space factor interference to the lowest position of the method. You can put the whole triangle (two speakers and people) in the room to move, and slowly find the best place to place the triangle. Perhaps you will be surprised, why should I add in the upper paragraph, "some space may also become a long side pendulum method plus a triangular pendulum" This is for some side walls of the wall is too strong, or two sideways distance is very narrow space. In such a space, the sound coming from the two sides of the wall seriously interfered with the direct sound. At this point, you can try to put the speaker on the long side, so that the two speakers from the side wall is also farther from the two sides of the wall came the reflection of the sound will be reduced. Please do not stick to the speaker must be placed in the traditional short side of the position, when you use the "three seven seven proportional method" or "three one three ratio law" are not a good voice, please open the imagination, the use of other The "speaker put eight law" try. After trying, maybe you will get an unexpected effect.

    How could it be as long as the sound will be sound better? If this is the case, audio shop still have business? If you do not believe, please follow my method, the volume down to the appropriate location, listen to two or three days later, and then come back to read this article. However, after the volume is reduced, there is usually a problem that may follow, that is, low-frequency sense of the lack of. Low frequency feeling is not enough to solve? In fact, it is also very simple, plus a little low frequency like it! It is easy to say how to add it? Plus 100 kinds of low-frequency method, each master may have their own way. If you are not a master, I think the easiest way is to add a subwoofer. Please do not think that plus a subwoofer is to listen to deafening low frequency, subwoofer really for our service is "plus that just a little bit," please note that I mean "a little bit".

    The sound is the pursuit of high fax, in order to achieve high fax, enthusiasts use power amplifier Class A amplifier, and more and more advanced audio and speakers, all this is nothing more than trying to faithfully restore the original sound, but in fact often do Less than that. If the music is played out with the original sound exactly the same, which equipment has a personality that. In fact, the room personality is even more strange, in the friend's house to hear very good equipment, put their own home on the taste, the reason is standing wave, reverberation, reflections are different, in addition to the sound pressure can be transferred to the same, Speaker moving position, the other transformation most people feel difficult, there is knowledge and practice two reasons. For the actual listening environment, it is the sound field, rather than a single sound mix.

    How to create a good place of sound

    Only in security

    2017-08-22 11:28:33
  • The number of speakers between the wattage and the volume

    When it comes to loudness about the loudspeaker, many people seem to be confused about the concept. And related to the volume, many musicians will only consider the speaker power and rated wattage, and in general, the more the number of watts does not mean that the "loudness" the greater. But it is undeniable that w is still an important consideration, the speaker power is also an important factor affecting the speaker loudness.

    Decibels and volume levels

    Decibel ("dB") is the counting unit for the ratio between two numbers. Well, I understand that many people are not interested in this, so I will be simple things, as far as possible does not involve the "mathematics" title. With respect to the logarithmic scale, you can not just understand it in a conventional way - for example, if the number doubled, it will increase, but it does not mean "double". For example, 100dB is 50dB twice, but it does not mean that its "loudness" is 50dB "twice". When it comes to "loudness", it involves the sound pressure beats by dre level (also known as SPL), about 10dB level of growth will make the sense of loudness "doubled". In other words, if a speaker capable of generating a 90dB SPL and a speaker capable of producing beats by dr dre 100dB, most listeners think that the second speaker has about twice the "loudness" of the first speaker.

    Wattage, power and SPL

    So how much of the wattage will be double loudness? Let us imagine, if there are two speakers, one is 10 watts, the second is 20 watts. 20 watts of power beats by dre studio speakers wattage is another speaker twice, but after conversion, double wattage will only increase 3dB SPL. Keep in mind that if you want to double the speaker's loudness, you need to add 10dB for the speakers, while a 20-watt speaker is twice as large as a 10-watt speaker on a wattage, but not twice Loudness. In high-power equipment is also true, 100-watt speakers will not produce 50-watt speakers double "loudness." Assuming the same speaker, it will only increase the loudness of 3dB, although the volume changes will be very obvious, but will not increase the loudness.

    Speaker sensitivity level

    The loudspeakers in the speakers also have specifications for sensitivity and effectiveness - they convert the incoming beats by dre studio electrical energy into acoustic energy. Dynamic moving coil loudspeakers (which you can find in most guitars and bass speakers) are very inefficient and will convert most of the input power into heat, not the sound. Normally, the sensitivity of the loudspeaker is measured in the anechoic chamber (non-reflective, soundproofed room) and is described by a similar unit / format: 90dB @ 1W / 1m

    Translated, it expressed the meaning of "90 dB (SPL) with 1 watt of power, at a distance of one meter from the speaker sound pressure level is 90 dB." Efficient speaker sensitivity will be higher, otherwise, low The effect of the speaker will have a smaller sensitivity. Efficient speakers will make your speakers more loud. Combination

    Therefore, we assume that there is a speaker with a sensitivity of 90dB @ 1W / 1m and a power of up to 100W. If we adjust the power of the loudspeaker to 1 watt, it will produce 90 dB at a distance of 1 meter. If we adjust the power to 2 watts, then the SPL measurement will become 93dB. If we increase the speaker power to 10 watts, then the SPL measurement will increase to 100dB. At this time, compared to the previous 1 watt power will produce the effect of loudness doubled. So, in fact, they need more than 10 times the power will let us feel the loudness of the doubled. Since the maximum power we can imagine is 100 watts, we can double the volume again, and theoretically, more than 100 watts of power will produce 110dB SPL. 1 watt = 90dB. 100 watts or more than 100 watts of power = 110dB. This is a huge power growth, but you can only feel four times the volume level of growth.

    As you can see, you want to get a "doubled" volume effect, you need to increase the power and speaker wattage. Let's introduce the sensitivity / efficiency of the loudspeaker to this formula. If we replace the 90dB @ 1W / 1m loudspeaker with 100dB @ 1W / 1m, the digital change is very obvious. We know that the input power of 1 watt will provide us with 100 dB SPL. Remember that the first speaker requires 10 watts of power to achieve the same volume! Therefore, the installation of efficient speakers will allow us to get a larger volume. Likewise, it also applies to the maximum power handling capability of all speakers. Assuming 100dB @ 1W / 1m speakers can handle up to 100 watts, then it can provide up to 120dB SPL; and 90dB @ 1W / 1m 100W speaker doubling the maximum level of only 110dB SPL.

    Speaker power + speaker efficiency and power handling capacity = maximum volume

    So keep in mind that increasing the speaker's power will make it more loud, increasing the speaker's sensitivity will give the speaker a higher power in the available power range. So, it also means that any speaker "loudness" can not only rely on wattage to judge. You have to know the speaker power processing capacity and sensitivity, etc., these are the speakers to enhance the loudness of the important factors. If your 15-watt speakers are equipped with a relatively inefficient speaker, but it's loud enough to meet your requirements, then you do not have to buy a high-wattage speaker - you only need to replace a high-performance speakers, such as Electro- Voice EVM 12L

    2017-08-21 11:13:47
  • Another mind: from the technical point of view to understand the headphone amplifier

    From the individual sense of hearing, everyone feels different, never argue no results, but for the theoretical derivation should be scientific, rather than personal imagination, a lot of recent discussions in some technical faction people wrote a lot of valuable Of things, buried a pity, so sort out, so that everyone from the technical point of view to understand the headphone amplifier. As to whether the difference can be heard, how much difference is heard that is subjective things, and personal fever experience and the extent of this, not discussed here.

    First of all, must be clear about a problem, the volume is large enough to explain what?

    From the electrical point of view, indicating that the output energy is large enough for beats by dre studio a particular impedance of the load, that is, the peak voltage peak is large enough. For the sound quality of the output, the volume is almost without any meaning. Because any of the analog amplifier circuit has its linear working range, after this interval, the circuit still has a magnifying effect, but into a non-linear amplification, what beats by dre wireless intermodulation, spurious are up. So simply the volume is large enough, and can not explain the output quality at this time is the most ideal.

    Secondly, any circuit only in the case of the ideal load to achieve the desired working condition.

    The design of the output impedance of 600 ohm system drag 32 cheap beats ohm headphones is not necessarily good, the design output impedance of 32 ohm system dragged the load of 600 euros is certainly a problem. why? Because of impedance matching. Any amplifier system in the design is not for any load, in general, have an ideal load. Generally speaking, the load is directly linked with the operating point of the system. The change of the load will lead to the deviation of the operating point. If the system operating point is shifted out of the linear area or at the very edge position, when the signal is amplified , There will be distortion.

    Well-designed amplifier system has a wide linear range, which can drive many different load impedance, but from the design point of view, too much to consider the load changes, is bound to introduce a series of peripheral devices, resulting in electric noise amplification accumulation. So the load range can not be unlimited, in general, only in the case of the ideal load, the amplification system to achieve the best design targets. So even a very good system, I think it should not be linked to cheap beats headphones the load does not match, in order to achieve the desired results, before using the best look at the impedance matching problem.

    This also explains the amp orally, Walkman Ye Hao, power amplifier Ye Hao, not necessarily on the like. If the impedance does not match, then there will be distortion, plus the amplifier may be bad. If the impedance is matched, then the effect of distortion can be reduced to a certain extent, resulting in a pure playback effect.

    2017-08-16 11:26:12
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