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The thrill of hearing tiny details you've never heard before. In songs you thought you knew inside out. With the sleek and rugged Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ Beats headphones engineered by Monster Beats By Dr Dre Headphones, thrills rule.

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The Beats Mixr is strong, light and powerful bringing the Beats sound quality not only to professional DJs, but also to consumers that seek the best headphone experience.
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Powered by long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, Beats Wireless headphones feature impressive range and outstanding comfort, allowing you to move without any cords to hold you back.


  • The history of headphones

    I believe that the headset is already a necessity in everyone's life, a person on the road, or in the office, wearing headphones listening to the song is a very pleasant thing, do not affect other people, you can freely immersed in their own world. However, some people know that the earliest headphones look like it? Follow Xiao Bian together to see the evolution of headphones history it!

    1881 headphones and music has nothing to do In the 1880s, the world's first deputy headphones were born, but it is not a relationship with the music, it is born for the communication. Use the need to weigh a few pounds of headphones in the shoulder, like a speaker on the shoulder put a speaker. 1895 hand-held headphones to 1895, people began to listen to music in the home headphones. But this looks like the headphones are now used to face-lift face-lift, there are wood?

    1910 first modern headset In this year, Nathaniel Baldwin in his own kitchen made the first batch of modern headphones and sold to the US Navy. This pair of headphones also began to look a little modern headset. And Baldwin may only make money, forget to apply for a patent. 1949 AKG's first headset This is focused on the film equipment industry AKG jumped out of the line this year, began to turn to audio-visual equipment, and design and production of their first modern headset K120.

    In 1958 the first stereo headphones John C. Koss created the world's first stereo headphones Koss SP-3, and in the next ten years beats earphones it dominated the headset market. 1959 first electrostatic headset The world's first electrostatic headset SR-1 appeared in Tokyo, Japan, launched by the Stax. Compared to moving coil headphones, static headphones sound more delicate, not so distorted

    1968 Koss's first electrostatic headset Koss launched the first US-made electrostatic headset ESP-6 after ten years of launching the first stereo headset. The phone weighs 0.9 kg, at least better than the previous shoulder-style speakers. 1979 Sony Walkman came to talk about the big events in the history of the headset, had to mention the emergence of Sony Walkman (Walkman). Suddenly, such as spring night, filled with headphones are wearing young people, fashion and proud arrogance!

    2017-03-23 14:18:10
  • Headset classification knowledge popular, in-ear style earphone purchase method

    Because it can penetrate into the ear canal, so the ear headphones noise reduction superior performance in order to bring excellent sound quality, wonderful experience and comfortable feeling, which is the most difficult to buy ear headphones where the reason. In the headset enthusiasts and semi-enthusiasts, the nice headphones is a good headset, sound quality pure, sounds like sounds of nature. How can you find a headset that is right for yourself and that is "good" for yourself? Teddy might be able to help you.

    Knowledge of headset classification

    Usually we are based on the way to wear headphones classification, which is the most simple classification method. From the way of wearing, headphones can be divided into ear, hanging ear and headset. These three types of headphones, in the various indicators of the pros and cons.

    earbuds. In-ear headphones are also known as earplugs. As can be deep into the ear canal, so in-ear headphones noise reduction performance, and easy to wear, cost-effective also the highest. But the drawback is that each person's ear canal is different, only with the ear canal matching headphones, can bring excellent sound quality, wonderful experience and comfortable feeling, but this search process is very difficult to find. This is the most cheap beats by dr dre difficult way to buy ear headphones.

    Headphones. As the name suggests, hanging ear headphones is hanging on the ear contours. Currently on the market, such headphones are mostly call Bluetooth headset, because the noise reduction is relatively poor, many music lovers, are not suited to the ear-style earphones.

    headphones. Headset wrapped sponge, can provide a good noise reduction effect, you can achieve more than 90% of the noise isolation, and wear more comfortable. But its shortcomings are bulky, resulting in the burden of the head.

    2017-03-23 14:15:29
  • Listen to music with headphones or sound good

    Like to listen to music friends listen to music with headphones or sound good? Today we mainly talk about sound and headset in the sound quality comparison, the use of the comparison and comparison on the operation, we choose to listen to music with headphones or audio to help. First, the sound quality comparison: delicate VS style

    Headphones and the sound itself will not sound, are vibration vibration by the diaphragm sound, headphones diaphragm relative sound is very small, in the vibration of the air quality and quantity, there is a fundamental difference between the two, so in the There are different feelings of hearing.

    Headset sound is characterized by clear, delicate, layered sense of clarity, suitable for quiet appreciation, easy to carry and does not affect others to rest. The disadvantage is that bass is not enough, shock is not strong. Sound sound characteristics are vigorous, bold, bass strong, high frequency foot. The disadvantage is that the sound is not enough delicate, the sense of detail relative to the headset to be worse.

    Second, use comparison: enjoy music VS enjoy life

    Headphones as a pure audio device, its use is relatively simple, is simply used to sound. And the sound is different, especially wood sound, superb workmanship, gorgeous texture, in addition to as a playback device, it is indispensable home furniture.

    Have a good headset can enjoy better music, have a good sound can enjoy a better life. The fundamental difference between the two is that the sound can be achieved to create an atmosphere, through the use of different speakers can create a spherical sound field, you can let the listener into a state of ecstasy. In contrast, the headset is realized by the sound quality.

    Third, the operation comparison: simple VS complex

    Headphones are portable equipment, easy to wear, but also easy to carry, where you can go where to go. In contrast the sound can be considered part of the home environment, can only be placed at home, in a particular space to use.

    On the other hand, the headset has only one interface, can be used to plug in, there is no technical problems. The sound will need to wiring, positioning, debugging, burning boxes and a series of relatively cumbersome steps.

    Fourth, the crowd comparison: independence music VS public music

    As we all know, no matter how good the headset can only be used by a person, the headset is very suitable for people in the dead of night to listen beats by dre on sale to music. The sound can be seen as a home atmosphere adjustment equipment, you can sit alone on the sofa video, but also and family, and friends, and love to share the fun of movies and music.

    2017-03-22 16:08:01
  • Old burning headset experience sharing four steps to solve the problem

    Play headphones for so many years, can be considered a little experience, so there will always be a lot of people in life to let me recommend headphones, I personally feel is a cheap beats headphones zealous person, like to help others, it makes me kind of pleasant feeling, but said the truth , Sometimes very annoying, because some of the problems so I do not know how to answer, if a person does not know what they want to go to seek help, which makes the favor of human feelings?

    I have some headaches, because the demand is not clear, so I have to step by step to ask, to understand the "he" needs, and then recommend, really people feel tired ah! So, If you need someone else recommended headphones, or to buy their own headphones, be sure to have a few clear:

    1, budget

    That is, how much money you are going to spend, the world to buy anything should have a psychological price range in my opinion, the budget is something to buy anything before the brain must be the most annoying is those who vowed " , Which makes me recommend no worries, how can I guess you are prepared to spend on how much headphones? Headset industry, although not large, but there are thousands of headset models there have been encountered, said it does not matter, the results recommended To recommend to go around a big circle finally bought a 200 yuan entry headphones, if so early that can be recommended directly, So, buy a headset is just a good budget before.

    2, wear type and use of the environment

    Headset wear type is generally divided into three categories:

    In the ear: that is, stuffed into the ear canal

    Wearing: that is, we see the cover in the ears

    Flat head: stuffed into the ear

    In the headphones, but also can be divided into closed, semi-open, open, the difference is that the sound effects are gradually weakened; and most of the semi-open, open headphones are home models, not suitable for use, Popular is the closed headset, a small number of suitable for use, big head is generally designed for the home.

    The advantages of the ear-style is the sound insulation effect is good, the disadvantage is the heavier sense of foreign matter; flat head is the advantage of foreign body is not strong, but the sound effects in general; headset completely covered or pressed on the ear, the advantages of good sound insulation No foreign body sensation, and the appearance is more cool fashion, the disadvantage is that the design is not comfortable, then there will be a sense of oppression, and summer hot phenomenon.

    So, if you want to buy a headset, be sure to clear your own wear needs and the use of demand.Of course, many people do not know their wearing needs, then, please clear your use of the environment, such as you only at home, or only On the road with, or in most cases are used, the recommended person can make judgments based on your use of the environment. Oh, I seem to have their own chaos, uh, meaning the basic expression clear.

    3, confirm the use of the source

    In fact, the above two points, as long as the general is to play headphones can already be recommended, and ask the question is how you use the source (that is, what equipment.) Most people are using the mobile phone tablet or computer as Sound source, but some people have a music player or sound card, so let others recommend before you know the equipment you use, which can also narrow the recommended range.

    4, your listening type

    Above you have to determine, in fact, the following is what you like to listen to music, you like the sound rock, then you can recommend your transient low-frequency strong headphones, if you like folk rumors, you can recommend you IF full and delicate, if omnivorous , You can recommend the most balanced. In short, explain your type of listening, so you can further narrow the recommended range, to this step, under normal circumstances can recommend more than three headphones, according to brand needs and shape requirements can be quickly To make a choice.

    2017-03-22 16:06:01
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